Vivid Sydney 2016

13th June 2016 at 4:39 pm

Dear Chibi,

It’s Vivid Sydney again, that time of the year when the harbour lights up with interactive light installations. It ends next Saturday so do check it out soon if you were meaning to go.

We started off at Darling Harbour but arrived just past 7.10pm so we didn’t catch the fireworks display. We waited till 7.30pm for the ‘Laser-Dragon Water-Theatre’ show, since it only runs every 30 minutes. No fireworks though, which was a bit disappointing. The show itself was also quite underwhelming. I imagined the projections to be much larger. It didn’t look anywhere near as good as the photos you see on their website ;D It was okay. We probably could’ve skipped this area as it was also super packed (and not worth the wait).

Click on the below thumbnails for a larger view:

Around 8.15pm, Hubby and I started walking to Circular Quay and stopped by Martin Place to see the installations along the way. Now those were pretty cool! My favourite ones were the animated car “The Art of Performance”, and the light beam that shoots right up into the sky.

The Museum of Contemporary Art was once again lit up, giving the impression the building was covered in paint. This looked pretty similar to what we saw last time. The Sydney Opera House had some really impressive animations. We loved how the snakes looked so 3 dimensional as they slid around the sails :D

A great night out with some fun things to see :) We started to leave at 10.30pm, and by the time we got home I’d done 18,000 steps. Phew! I think that’s enough exercise for the whole long weekend ;D

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  1. Wow, everything looks so pretty!

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