“An Evening of Final Fantasy” @Sydney Opera House

10th April 2016 at 10:44 pm

Dear Chibi,

Today Hubby and I went to see “An Evening of Final Fantasy” presented by Nathankct and Joelle at the Sydney Opera House. A big thank you to the kind folks at The Japan Foundation Sydney, for giving away a free double pass :D (Tickets are normally $79-$99) We attended the 3.30pm session at the Utzon Room, where we also saw Emily, Mel, MZ, Amy, Somps, Dong and co.

I’ve previously seen 2 other Final Fantasy music performances; “Distant Worlds” in 2011, and “A Night in Fantasia” (so long ago I can’t even remember when ;D)  This will be our first time seeing a solo pianist and vocalist.

An evening of final fantasy NATHANKCT and joelle

“Nathankct, performing on grand piano, in collaboration with international star vocalist JOELLE, seeks to delight and entertain, translating the personal into the universal through his own arrangements of both classics and rarely heard gems from Final Fantasy I through XIII; Performing one night only in the unique and intimate Utzon Room of the Sydney Opera House, and with iconic views of art, and windows looking out to the ocean.”





Inside the Utzon Room. Seating were not allocated as the room is pretty small/intimate.

There were over 30 songs played during the 2 hours or so. My two favourites from the night were: ‘Theme of Love’ (FFIV) and ‘Memoro de la Stono’ (FFXI), both accompanied by Joelle’s beautiful vocals. ‘Liberi Fatali’ (FFVIII) sounded pretty good, but I feel like it didn’t have as much impact without all the chanting/singing. You would probably need a whole orchestra to achieve that though. I also enjoyed ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ FFVIII’s battle music. It was unfortunate that the screen didn’t have a matching footage XD It still showed in-game footage of Squall walking around aimlessly to the previous “Balamb Garden” song. ahaha, good old Balamb Garden :’D

The lyrics for ‘Eyes on Me’ have been slightly changed to fix the grammar issues in the original song. Having heard the song so many times though, I found the changes a bit distracting. Still a nice piece.

‘Frontier Village Dali’ was the only FFIX song they played. I honestly wish they had chosen ‘Melodies of Life’ instead. A vocal version would have been beautiful *_* Oh wells, there was still plenty of songs that Joelle sung like ‘Suteki Da Ne’ (FFX) and ‘Kimi Ga Iruka’ (FF XIII). She sung songs in Japanese and in English.

Overall a good solid performance from Nathankct. I didn’t notice any major errors, except that one key in ‘To Zanarkand’ which was a bit off. Joelle was quite amazing and looked really pretty :D





A nice way to enjoy a Sunday :)



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