Holy moly the nostalgia

30th December 2015 at 10:04 am

Dear Chibi,

When I started browsing through archive.org (an internet archive), I wasn’t prepared for the amount of nostalgia headed my way. I revisited old websites and forums I used to spend hours and hours on, and also retrieved files I’ve lost over the years, including these awesome art gifts! These were all from online friends I met from as early as 2003. I was still in High School! :’D


Lol. I love how it says ‘From Blox the lazyass’ XD Yes, he couldn’t even be bothered to clean the lines ;D Very cute picture though. I love Aeris from FF7 :)


Oh my, this used to be my most favourite Yui fanart XD THIS IS SO CUTE. Art by Blox.


Another one by Bloxy :) Oh I love his drawings. He used to have his own webmanga too.

jengrad-bydigilee-thumb yui-ruseiya-bydigilee-thumb

Art by Digilee/Travis. He made this for me when I finished High School ^^ I looked no where near that good though, ahaha ;D The second art features my RPG character Yui, 2004.


Art by Koi, Bloxy’s little cousin :D I love this pencil work of Yui, 2005.


Art by Ariati, from Moon Fantasy.


Art by Ju-Hwa


yuiplush yui_laying yuipoints

Yui pixel art by Mira-san{Neko} from Moon Fantasy

yuidoll_digi yuidoll_sc

More Yui pixel art by Digilee and Sailor Comett!

Ah, these were such a great find! I can’t believe I lost these in the first place D:


2 Responses to “Holy moly the nostalgia”

  1. Jess-chan says:

    I remember seeing those from when Chibi Forum was active! Those were good times!

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