Taiwanese Festival & Karaoke Outting

6th September 2015 at 5:10 pm

Dear Chibi,

There was a Taiwanese Festival held at Darling Harbour this weekend. Burpy & his mum went to check it out in the morning, and since Burpy, Buns and I were gonna hang out that arvo anyway, we met up earlier and crashed the party ;p

It was a typical festival with lots of food stalls, music, stage performances and some booths showcasing arts and crafts (puppets and masks). Watching kids on stage performing Taiwanese dances gave me a sense of nostalgia. When I was about their age, I performed Taiwan native dances for Chinese School. I remember there being a photo taken of us standing on the stage at Cabramatta. We looked uncomfortable and awkward. The stage was burning hot, and we weren’t wearing any shoes XD. I wonder if I can dig up that photo one day… hmmm :3

EDIT: Found the photo:


The first one on the left is me. I look so angry. AHAHHAHA. I only recognise a few faces. There’s Kevin Ha next to me, Kaz, Mark and Quanne. *Sigh* Poor Quanne :<

After watching some dances and juggling- we popped into Guylian Cafe for some Belgian chocolate :D


Coconut hot chocolate :3 My only regret is not getting my camera focus right. I WILL LEARN XD.



Burpy’s mum was adorable 8D She reminded me of a child. Thank you for the treat :)

After brunch/dessert, the three of us went to check out Karaoke World near Hyde Park. I’ve never been to this one before, so I thought we’d try it out during happy hour ;D It was $15pp for 3 hours and a drink. The deal was decent, but the overall experience could have been better. The speakers were pretty terrible ^^” The rooms weren’t anything special, but they were able to find some obscure English songs so that was okay 8D. The Chinese song list was somewhat limited. I still prefer Big Echo Karaoke over this one.

It was now 7pm. We weren’t really hungry so we sat in a lounge at the Sheraton Hotel and talked for a few hours. There were so many people dressed up in suits and bow ties. I can’t think of many occasions where I’d be able to dress up so formal. Formal is great though 8D


Around 9.30pm we realised we were hungry :P We made our way down to ‘Mammas Pizza and Pasta Bar‘ for some pizza, gnocchi and lasagna.


This basil pesto gnocchi was great~ but I thought my coriander pesto tasted even better. WOO. A proud noobie chef moment ;D



Bye Buns, until next time *waves*.



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