What’s for dinner? #8

12th July 2015 at 9:03 am

Dear Chibi,

This is looking like a monthly post, aye? Here is my latest cooking adventures…

Dish #34 Pumpkin Soup


A delicious and easy soup, perfect for winter :) I added a bit of nutmeg to taste. Yum!

Dish #35 Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles)



I made this twice now and it’s very tasty! The thick rice noodles turned out juicy and soft. I didn’t put any chilli in it though, so… is it still considered Pad Kee Mao? XD The second time around I also added bean sprouts and some Chinese greens :) One of my favourite Asian dishes so far.

Dish #36 Maple Salmon


Finally some seafood! I always try to add a bit of fish in our diet (which I’m sure we don’t get enough of). I was surprised how nice the maple syrup and soy sauce worked with the salmon. YUM!

Dish #37 Pork Red Curry with Lychee, Pineapples and Bamboo Shoot


I made up this recipe, after I got inspired by that delicious Roasted Duck Curry with Lychee I had at Fat Noodles. Granted, I didn’t have roasted duck so I put in pork instead. It still turned out rather nice :D I love the addition of the lychees. Lychees are GREAT!

Dish #38 Butter Chicken


I’ve been meaning to make Butter Chicken for a while now, but it seemed kinda complex at the time (and it uses so many different Indian spices). I finally got the courage to try this one out! It tasted nice.. but it didn’t feel like the ones you have at restaurants. The Butter Chicken sauce end up tasting a lot like the Chana Masala dish I made ^^” The tomato’s sourness was a bit overwhelming. I’m not sure how to make it more sweet and authentic. I might add more butter next time, and try tomato puree as opposed to canned crushed tomatoes. Any advice would be appreciated. XD



2 Responses to “What’s for dinner? #8”

  1. kaz says:

    Next time I’m over, I’d like to order Pad Kee Mao please :)