Honeymoon Part 2: Chiang Mai & Bangkok

27th December 2014 at 12:38 pm

Honeymoon Part 1: Phuket & Koh Samui

Dear Chibi,
After exploring the Southern part of Thailand with its beautiful Islands, we flew up to the very cultural city Chiang Mai. We stayed at ‘Baan Boo Loo‘, a traditional Thai Guest House 10 minutes drive from the Airport.

Chiang Mai


Our first tuk tuk ride! Hubby was very excited to try one of these :D Sometimes it can feel a little unsafe since there’s no seat belts, but I guess the speed isn’t crazy fast so it’s semi-okay XD We mostly got around Chiang Mai with tuks tuks.


Here we are at Baan Boo Loo!! Our house is the one on the left behind the golden statue.


Our breakfast area next to the outdoor kitchen.


Simple but yummy breakfast that comes with the accommodation :) I loved the skewers and the fresh passion fruit! The lady who runs this place is super super friendly and really helpful. Great service.


Our bedroom


There are a lot of mossies here in Chiang Mai. We were told they come out mostly around 4pm to 8pm, but we were prepared with the good old ‘Bushman spray’. They also had mosquito coils placed both outside and inside our room. It didn’t end up being too much of an issue. (I got bitten heaps while in Phuket though XD I should’ve sprayed the moment we landed!)


Chiang Mai has many Buddhist temples. We passed this one every morning when we headed out.


Chiang Mai markets. Hubby with his street-food because he insisted so very persistently…


Many fruit juice stalls can be found around the streets. These are so cheap and delicious…. *__* My favourite? Probably watermelon shake or coconut with yoghurt smoothie…mmm..



Massive markets along the street. We did a lot of walking that day.


Hubby eating a pineapple… (fried rice)


Flower markets next to Mae Ping River.


The river may look nice at first glance, but it’s pretty dirty and the path next to it smells unpleasant^^”


Hubby and I went on the ‘Scorpion Tailed River Cruise’ which was a 1.5 hour tour along the river including a short break at the boat village.


The tour included English commentary by the tour guide, where he talked about the river bank’s history. All was good and well until he started telling us stories..

We Thai people eat cats… dogs…. rats…There’s only one thing we don’t eat…… Huuuuuumans!” followed by the most maniacal laughter ever. IS THAT NOT THE CREEPIEST THING I’VE HEARD ALL DAY? Mind you, none of us were laughing. We were so creeped out D: It also didn’t help that the sun was setting and it was getting dark too…


At the boat village having a delicious mango sticky-rice dessert :)



We stumbled upon the Anusarn Market, where Hubby spotted a couple of lady boys! I was so excited to see them for the first time. They were handing out pamphlets for their 9.30pm Cabaret Show.


Me with two lady boys.  Look how tall there are!! They had heels with massive platforms..but still! ;D I think they looked great and I was impressed.
They asked for 100 baht for a photo with them. That end up being around $3.60 but with that amount you could get two cab rides home or a meal ;P


I thought the Cabaret Show was really good. The ambiance was great and there were a lot of tourists in the audience. Interesting costumes and the performances were creative. It only cost us each $7 for the hour show which also included a cocktail drink.


You kind of forget these ladies are actually men because they’re lip synching to the song.


A performer as both a woman and a man.


This lady boy came around to serve us our drinks. She started flirting with Hubby and asked him for 100 baht tips. She succeeded and kissed him in return. Are you scarred yet, Hubby? ;D


We also did a few private tours, which involved hiring a driver for the day who took us to various locations :D A little more pricey than the normal group tours, but we preferred to go on our own and at our own pace :) It makes the adventure more relaxing!


Up on Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. Look! We are above the clouds :O!





Naphamethinidon and Naphaphonphumisiri, two chedis near the summit of Doi Inthanon. Such breath-taking views!




One of the many portraits of the King.


Making our way down the mountain, we stopped for lunch and had this delicious Deep-fried garlic fish~ mmmm!


Towards the bottom of the mountain lived the Hill tribe.



Finally we ended the day with some fresh coffee :)


We woke up early the next morning to visit more temples up in the mountains.


There were a lot of young monks wandering around the temple streets. Many people offer them ‘donations’ (which consists of drinks and snacks), and in return they chant to you for about 30 seconds. Better make your wishes quickly ;D




The rest of the day was more temples up in the mountains!




I think we’ve templed-out 8D


Our final stop in Thailand was Bangkok. Unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy our time here as much as the other destinations. The air was terrible, the traffic was atrocious and the people didn’t seem as friendly. Prices were also a lot more expensive. We missed the super cheap food of Chiang Mai and Koh Samui. XD Still, we did have some interesting experiences I’d like to share with you :D



Taxis taxis taxis. That’s basically how you get around here… and 90% of the time you’re just sitting in traffic :P It’s not any better for pedestrians though. The traffic lights seem to take a million years to change X.X Bangkok has some serious road problems. There’s way too many cars and the roads are poorly designed. It’s no wonder all the cab drivers seem so grumpy… Must be tough!

The only redeeming factor is that metered taxis are pretty cheap. I say ‘metered taxi’s because there are a lot of dodgy drivers who try to scam tourists by giving a flat rate. One time we were offered a ride for 200 baht to get back to our hotel. He claims his taxi doesn’t have the meter @_@ We told him we’re only using metered taxis and started to leave. He then quickly uncovers his meter which was hidden and asked us back in. Talk about dishonesty! We took the ride, and it only end up costing us 50 baht. A lot of these taxi drivers can be found around hotels too, so be careful.


Our hotel. Back to normal city rooms XD


Some contemporary restaurant in a trendy looking shopping mall. Reminds me of Central Park.


Back out in the streets. The touristy markets reminded me of Chiang Mai.


We asked for Coke and Sprite from their menu. They gave us Est Cola and 7-Up instead. I guess they really don’t care about brands here XD


The Food Courts here in shopping centers use a coupon system, where you have to swap your cash for paper “coupons” in order to buy food. I don’t think this is very efficient at all @_@


Yes.. Can I please order “Fried Rice with Crap” please? 8D


A very terrible pho we ordered from the Food Court :p

From our experience, if the cuisine isn’t Thai.. it’s probably not very good… We tried some sushi during our trip, and it was the most disgusting sushi I’ve ever had @.@ But you know what’s worse than bad food? Terrible customer service. Basically 100% of the restaurants we went to where they had a young teenage girl serve us, they were rude and very slow. They don’t seem to have any common sense what so ever ^^”


Hello there 90 degrees Hubby 8D


China Town. This place feels like Hong Kong, except people were still Thai. XD


Back at Bangkok Airport!


And that basically sums up the trip :D We would definitely come back to Phuket or Koh Samui in the future :) ~ We’ll just skip on Bangkok thanks XD


6 Responses to “Honeymoon Part 2: Chiang Mai & Bangkok”

  1. Jacky says:

    Nice summary. I think you were still being too nice on Bangkok. It is an absolutely terrible city! Chiang Mai was beautiful tho =)

  2. kaz says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip!!! Would LOVE to go Thailand!!! :D

    • Chibi says:

      Yaaaah!! :D Best part is you don’t have to do much research, just go have lots of yummy and cheap food/drinks, get massages and just relax 8D

  3. Malavika says:

    Looks like a great honeymoon! Breathtaking views! And lovely hotel rooms.

    P.S. Yes it is quite possible I’m stalking your blog. Haven’t visited in a while so I’m catching up (a year later!!) Haha!