Nostalgia in a box

30th March 2014 at 8:35 am

Dear Chibi,

After a pretty scary incident which involved a cockroach, my hand and the wardrobe, I felt motivated to do a massive clean up of my bedroom yesterday. As some of you may know, I have a pretty small room.  I don’t own a lot of things anymore since I like to keep my room feeling spacious. I took everything out from under my bed, and found some pretty neat things in a box! I was squealing with delight :D :D In this blog entry, I’m going to share some of the joys I found ^^

Sailor Cosmos/Chibi Chibi water colour fanart:


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OMG. I used to love this sooOOo much! I think I drew this in early high school and was one of my favourite pieces. Water colour sounds fun. Maybe I should try it again some time XD



MY FAVOURITE PENCIL CASE OF ALL TIME. This tin pencil case brought me so much joy :3  I remember buying this from Chinatown for $6.50 and it was considered a gem since I couldn’t any Sailor Moon stuff in Sydney. I’ve dropped it on the ground so many times that the lid is dented quite a bit but I continued to use it. I also made my own magnets using stickers to stick and decorate the insides. So much love <333


The mysterious floppy disk. I don’t know what’s inside since I can’t check BUT I BET THERE’S AWESOME.  Anyone have a floppy disk drive? 8D


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<333 A hand-crafted Sailor Moon/ChibiChibi binder book :D :D ISN’T THIS ADORABLE? XD It’s got a whole bunch of Chibi “Otaku Senshi” drawings inside along with their profiles and description ^.^


Another hand-made Sailor Moon book 8D

Inside has the names of all the Sailor Moon characters along with their Japanese names written in Kanji/Chinese ^____^ I remember I didn’t like how my original drawing on the cover turned out so I stuck a paper on top to cover it (which was traced XD)


Some Sailor Moon things :) I even kept that opened/empty packet on the right (which contained Sailor Moon cards) cause it has Uranus and Neptune on it :D And there’s some Korean Sailor Moon stuff on the left.


Pokemon cards?? I seem to only have Jiggly/Wiggy cards XDDD Oh, and the Clefairies.  On my gawd, that’s so funny lololo


Cute stuff I never knew I had :3


SAILOR MOON PAPER DOLLLSSSS :D You have no idea how many hours Kaz and I spent playing with these things *__* Despite our best efforts to keep them in good conditions… alas, over time they were terribly damaged due to over usage XD Heads fallen off, outfits creased, feet missing… well, we did our best with sticky tape ^^” The dolls came with more characters (we had several sets) which included the Sailor Starlights. We wanted to give them more choices in clothes, so we made some outfits for them, hahaah!


We also gave ChibiChibi some friends…. and a love interest. AHAHAHAHAHA OMG.

7 Responses to “Nostalgia in a box”

  1. Jess-chan says:

    I love the old watercolors! Ah the floppy of mysteries. I think I have a a couple lying around but no way of seeing what’s on them :(

  2. Uncle Marcus says:

    Yeah I got a floppy drive, though I have no idea if it still works XD.

  3. cammyii says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! Brings back so much moonie memories indeed!! I remember how much I loved my Sailormoon-filled-with-self-made-magnet pencilcase too!! :)