Almost the end of March~ Where did the time go..?

23rd March 2014 at 4:33 am

Dear Chibi,
Since my previous blog entry about my redesign for MoonSticks, I’ve been mostly working on new comics and have posted up 5 so far :D I’m really happy about that and intend to keep pumping them out on a weekly basis again :) I stopped a while back because the weekly schedule was too stressful and I was losing sleep over it, but this time around I’m still losing sleep ^^”  I need to manage my stress levels a bit better~

Here are my latest 5:


Sketch of Black Lady I did for fun :D

Marcus’s 28th Birthday

Yesterday for Marcus’s birthday, a group of us went to the Cook+Phillip Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre for indoor basketball :D We were sweating it out for a good two hours and I had a lot of fun ^_^ I’m feeling so sore and tired right now…but  I guess that’s expected when you’re so unfit XDD






Marcus and Jacky having a 1 on 1



Dinner @Osaka on Stanley aka Sushi Arigato


After dinner, Marcus wanted us to go with him to check out hobos at one of the outdoor courts..^^” He sounded like he really reallllly wanted to do it, so we fulfilled his birthday wish and went to see When we got there, the look on his face was priceless XDD I think that in itself was worth the trip ^__^

We then went to Meet Fresh for dessert, because Burpy really reallllly wanted to have it XD I decided to try a drink this time around, and it wassss pretty good! Would have again.


I forgot what it was called, so I put up a picture~ I’m so helpful ;D

Credit to MZ for most of the basketball photos


5 Responses to “Almost the end of March~ Where did the time go..?”

  1. Jacky says:

    Nothing beats indoor basketball!

    Oh and the drink was called a ying yang double premium pudding with Vanilla ice cream drink. So good…

  2. Marcus says:

    Thanks for the photos and post! Indoor ball followed by food is all anyone needs in life =D.

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