Meeting IMMvp @ ASRock’s M8 Sydney Showdown

16th September 2013 at 12:06 pm

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday along with cBsM, I attended the ‘ASRock’s M8 Sydney Showdown’ a free StarCraft 2 event held at the UNSW Roundhouse organised by Oceanic eSports. It was my first SC2 event and I was super excited for the day since my Terran hero IMMvp, a 4 time GSL Code S Champion will be there for the day :D :D Yaaaayy



The event was supposed to start at 12.15pm, but due to technical difficulties, we end up sitting in the audience seat for about 2 hours waiting for something to happen. Mvp was probably getting restless, as he started queuing up ladder games and playing placement matches XD (He end up in Silver league)


When the show matches finally started (First game was Mvp vs PiG), it turns out the screens were way too faint and hard to see. It was practically unwatchable and the stream was lagging at lot as well. This left us without much choice but to crowd around the front of the stage to watch the games from a monitor (which shows Mvp’s POV) There were also audio issues where at times the in-game sounds effects were crazy loud and the casters went soft. The large screens even turned off at one stage. I have no idea how anyone at the back of the room would have been able to watch during that time. Thankfully, the viewing experience improved as the day progressed.


On the plus side, the sponsors gave away a ton of freebies (motherboard, keyboards, mouse, mouse pads, IM shirts), but you had to be really lucky, or be super loud/aggressive to grab something. I was sitting there quietly, so I didn’t stand a chance. A signed IM shirt would have been sooooooo awesome to have :3 Gah, I’m so jelly of those who managed to get one!

Surprisingly, I found the community matches the most entertaining to watch, where 3 people from the audience played a Free-for-All game with Mvp. There was a fun element added to the game where the one who holds the centre Xel’naga Watchtower at 20 minutes wins the game. Mvp played like a BOSS. He actually went Command Center first in a game where cheese was highly likely and he even held off a 9 pool. I’m sooo impressed!! :D :D The in-game chat between the players were entertaining as well. “Welcome to Aus” one says as he proceeds to cheese the King of Wings. Mvp responds with “help” XDDD It was basically 3 against 1, so ultimately Mvp was the first to GG out. Nevertheless, Mvp was INCREDIBLE!!! He was dropping and attacking three opponents at once while defending his base at home. His marine splitting was godly. I feel sorry for the Zergs who had to face that XD lol

I guess the highlight of the day was being able to meet Mvp in person, and having the opportunity to get a photograph with him ^^ Mvp is so cute :D :D I was super excited and pretty nervous as I approached him for a hand shake. My only regret is not bringing anything along to get signed :<

Handshake with IMMvp

Photo taken by Oceanic eSports


Meeting IMMvp @ Sydney

Photo taken by Oceanic eSports

It’s not often we have a Korean SC2 pro (especially someone of Mvp’s caliber) to fly down here for a meet and greet :) I’m really grateful the organisers made this happen~ I just hope that for future events, there won’t be as many technical problems and that they learn from this experience.


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    Awesome =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Mate, do you even know who he is.”

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