Carrington Falls & Seven Mile Beach!

1st April 2013 at 3:13 pm

Dear Chibi,

On Saturday of the long weekend, Jacky and I went on a day trip down to the South Coast to explore Carrington Falls and to play at the beach. The weather was perfect :)


Start of the trail to Carrington Falls. It’s a pretty easy and short walk~ Don’t have to worry about not finding toilets, like the Blue Mountains trip one time …  ;D


Our final destination


Playing with the water at the top of the falls



Our picnic lunch area at Nellies Glen, right next to a pretty waterfall :D This place looked unreal. It has a really nice cosy feeling to it!


Back to Seven Mile Beach! Jacky and I were here 3 years ago during the Easter long weekend~ oh what memories :3



Playing with the pipis Jacky found~ I was too chicken to dig them out myself this time around XD




Really fun and but also tiring day~ We left for home at about 7pm and grabbed some Maccas on the way..Fatty fatty foodie time! Kaz spent the weekend at Wollongong and we were supposedly at the same beach at around the same time. We somehow still missed each other XD

We had another big day on Sunday~ post coming up ^^

3 Responses to “Carrington Falls & Seven Mile Beach!”

  1. Jacky says:

    Carrington Falls was surprisingly good and relaxing because no one knows about it and hope nobody ever does lol. Nellies Glen is the best place ever to chill out for a nice picnic. Awesome day =)