Marcus’s DOOM LAN Party

17th March 2013 at 7:31 am

Dear Chibi,

Marcus organised a DOOM LAN Party @ City Hunter to celebrate his 27th Birthday this year (and the 20th Anniversary of his beloved game, DOOM) XD


A Free For All…


This is my first time playing at a Internet cafe and I gotta say it was quite exciting! I imagined it to be this dark gloomy place so I was pleasantly surprised to find it nice and bright ;D


Setting up my character! Mind you, I was a complete noob at this game~ I kept getting trapped inside rooms (well..I couldn’t find the exits) and I didn’t know how to find any guns either, lol I got pwned pretty badly by the others… but probably the most by the motion sickness I soon felt after a few rounds. @_@ Woah woah.. dizzy! XD



The DoomGuy



After DOOM, Jacky, Marcus, Markos and I played a few games of ‘Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm’ while the others played… Call of Duty or some other shooting game :P


We finished the night with some dinner at Crocodile Senior Thai



My DOOM Card!


..With a detachable movable hand :D When I made this card, I didn’t realise the hand always stays in the centre of the screen and that only the background moves ^^; Otherwise I would have made a sliding background instead. Oh well, something moves XD

P.S Did you know.. the card dimension is proportionate to 320×240?


Behind the scenes: A pretty pile of cleanness ;D

Marcus’s blog entry @ Invertmouse

7 Responses to “Marcus’s DOOM LAN Party”

  1. Jacky says:

    We’re all Doomed!

    LAN party was awesome! And card is just amazing lol. It was the main highlight of all the gifts lol

  2. InvertMouse says:

    I didn’t know the card was 320×240 (^O^)! “Some other shooting game” XD~ Thanks for the card (^-^)b.

    • Chibi says:

      hehe, the ratio is the same, but I made it slightly bigger cause I didn’t wanna cut two extra sides (and have it wonky XD)

      Glad you liked it ^^

  3. Floz says:

    Haha…the card is awesome! Sorry I wasn’t there at the party!

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