Rayfy’s Christmas Eve Party

24th December 2012 at 11:43 pm

Dear Chibi,

Rayfy invited us over to his place on Christmas Eve for some Xmas Party fun. It turned out to be an extremely hot day, so we were sweating heaps! I spent most of the night playing Table Tennis with Jacky, Somps and Burpy~ just like the old COFA days :D~ It was super nostalgic and a lot of fun for us ^_^ It played out just like the old comic strip Burpy made (I’m the one with the short hair XD)


Hehehe… XDD That was the highlight of the night for me :D But of course, there was a lot of yummy food and awesome company :) We also played ‘Scattergories’ which was pretty amusing (and a little crazy XD) Steffi probably scored the highest and Burpy the lowest ;D ohohohoh..


Photo posted by Phoenix

Thanks Ray for hosting and organising such an amazing party for us ^_^ Merry Christmasssy Eve!

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