Tutorial: How to tell Chibi/Kaz apart

18th November 2012 at 9:01 am

Dear Chibi,

Being a twin, Kaz and I are used to people getting us mixed up all the time, and we have a good laugh about it. We do look alike in many ways… but exactly the same? Really?

So Chibi decided to put herself to a test. Apparently we looked the most alike when we were little, so it’s time to hunt those photos out.

Awww.. don’t we look.. the same? XD

So.. which one is me. I have to stare at this one quite closely, because both these babies don’t look like us AHAHAA.. There are a few things to look out for. The best way to start is figuring out which one is Kaz, lol. Kaz has a much more distinguishing facial expression. She almost always looks a bit..confused and her smile is very particular. I’m sure you agree with me the one on the right looks more confused! lololol.. Right is Kaz, left is Chibi.

Ok, let’s move onto the next one!

So it seems we’ve slightly aged :D Alright, go on and have a little stare… and remember what I just told you.

Ok. You done staring? No? Really? Clearly the weirdest expression is the one on the right! Oh don’t worry poor little Kaz, we still love you :3

Why so angry?

ahaha.. Markos looks so cute there :3

The one who covered her face with a phone? That must be Kaz!

Red stockings! Oh we’re so fashionable ;D

Okay here’s a tricky one. Who the heck pulls a face like the one on the right? XD She doesn’t look like either of us…  Is that you again Kaz?? The one on the left looks a bit like Kaz too O_o erm. hehee.. ..

And lucky last… the easiest of them all…. KAZ IS SO LOST :3

Chibi just does not look like any one of the babies. We just assume if one is Kaz, the other ones gotta be me, right?

Oh I’m so clever at not looking like myself 8D

4 Responses to “Tutorial: How to tell Chibi/Kaz apart”

  1. Jacky says:

    I guessed them all correctly! You are right, facial expressions play a large role hehe

  2. cammyii says:

    So much attention Chibs, thanks =P how very photogenic lololol