Wedding holiday in Bali

25th September 2012 at 10:54 am

Dear Chibi,

During the last 5 days I had the pleasure of joining Jacky’s family in celebrating Alan and Sandra’s wedding in Bali. This was my first time in Bali and it took me a while to get my head around the fact Bali is part of Indonesia and not Thailand XD (Chibi’s dodgy geography skills) The flight was 5 hours 45 minutes and we flew with Jetstar~ nice and cheap but no inflight entertainment.

We arrived late at night in the very humid and hot weather. The 15 of us stayed at Villa Bidadari in 4 massive villas, in a secluded area away from mankind it seems XD. It’s beautiful, spacious and open. Maybe a bit too open for my The villas are basically outside, so we have mossies and wild creatures wandering in and out whenever they feel pleased XD There were a lot of mossies in the rooms, you can watch dragonflies and bees while you shower (or have them watch you.. ), you hear frogs and roosters practically all night long~ and when it rains, it’s so loud you feel like it’s raining on you. It was all fascinating, strange and scary for little Jen. I wasn’t sure how secure the place was seeing as there’s no actual door to block access to the villas, but we got by with no issues :)

I didn’t get to sleep at all on the first night.  I wasn’t used to the temperature and was scared by all the noises I heard. (Frogs are the worst) Thankfully, sleep was a bit better during the other nights.

Our breakfast prepared in the main villa by the staff~ we had the same food every morning which consisted of bread, scrambled eggs and fruit salad. They sure love their watermelon, bananas and mangoes!

There’s a big pool right outside the main villa and a bunch of little ones scattered throughout.

The huge bathroom I used on the first night~ until, well.. I realised passerbys can actually see you showering through various means, LOL. OMG. After that, Chibi decided to use the upstairs bathroom which is a little more closed for modesty ;D

The next morning we split up for different activities. Half of us went to the zoo, while Jacky, his dad, bros, Vivian and I went for some White Water Rafting :D I was a little worried about this at first, but it turned out pretty fun and relatively safe too. It wasn’t as crazy as I had imagined, though I did end up with several bruises on my knee (someone kept smashing his helmet on it..). The rafting went on for about 2.5 hours along a 16km river, which included a 4 metre waterfall dip! That was exciting, but over too quickly!

But before that, we had a yummy buffet lunch and enjoyed this lovely greenery view.

(I need to know the name of this place. I have no idea where I’ve been to 8D)

That night we had 2-3 hour nap before heading out again at 1.30am to see the sunrise! We went on a trek up a mountain for 2.5 hours in pitch black (with torches) and boy was it scary and difficult! It must be one of the most strenuous treks I’ve ever done. It got harder and harder the higher we went up, and it was scary steep. It was also freezing cold before we started sweating and getting wet from the morning fog. Nevertheless, we made it just in time for the 6.10am rise :D

Spectacular view up there, though there was a lot of fog, which covered up the sun.  We only had a glimpse of it for a few seconds before it faded away. Still, it was quite an experience and definitely one I’ll remember forever.

Such an epic view… straight from a fantasy movie 8D

On my way back down… thankfully, we took a different route so it wasn’t as steep :D

After the trek, we hired bicycles to ride around the area next to this lake. I was too tired after the walk so I cheated and hopped in a car instead, lol.

Seafood dinner at the beach :D We could also see little fireworks in a distant.

The next day was dedicated to the Wedding Ceremony, which was located on a very beautiful and romantic chapel next to a cliff overseeing the ocean.
Congrats to both Alan and Sandra :)

The bridal party getting their wedding photo shoot at a beach.

Had to get a photo with Mr Gorgeous :)

After the photo shoot, we headed out to a fancy Spanish Restaurant which had a stunning view of the ocean… (Too bad we missed out on the sunset!) Still…the sky looks so pretty…*_*

On the final day, we used this opportunity to explore the shops and markets as well as get ourselves a massage! Everyone had a 90 minute full body massage, whereas I opted for a 60 minute foot massage, which also included the shoulders, neck, head and arms. It was incredible!! Usually I find massages too painful or ticklish, this time, it just felt so relaxing :D This lady knows what she’s doing~ And the best part of all this? It only cost around $6 AUD. If only I could have one like this everyday… ehehehe!

Jacky’s blog entry

7 Responses to “Wedding holiday in Bali”

  1. Jacky says:

    Hehe the villa was like living in some sort of isolated tropical beach with massive houses. The frogs and insects takes some getting use to but they’re pretty safe to be around.

    Wedding day was spectactular with amazing ocean scenery. Can’t believe such a place exists lol.

    Love the Nutshell photo strip you made at the end haha, that really does sum up the whole trip =P

    • Chibi says:

      Insects are only safe when you’ve got mortein ;D But wow, did you see how much the lady sprayed on the wasp? *shivers* XD

      Wish I got to take some pictures of the chapel.. ~_~

      hehe, I told ya I would make use of those photos :p

  2. MrOptic says:

    I didn’t know the flight took just under 6hrs to get to Bali. I thought it was shorter looking at the world map. :P

    My perception about Bali has been plagued with the images & what I read and seen on the news. There’s a side of Bali where it’s so beautiful, you have to go to see and believe.

    I’ve stopped reading and listening to many of the news coming out from Bali as it’s nothing but bad news.

    That sunrise is just gorgeous.

    • Chibi says:

      haha, I thought it was only a 2-3 hour flight, LOL! Just a few more hours and we would be in HK already XD

      Going to Bali, I was a little nervous and scared too~ but luckily it turned out really well and we didn’t have any problems.

      I travelled without a lock on my luggage (one zip was broken..)and I was paranoid about it.. NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. XD

      Thanks for dropping by :D

  3. InvertMouse says:

    Bali sounds like a different world. Lots of opportunities for inspirations 8). But frogs are cool!

    “Just a few more hours and we would be in HK already XD”

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