I have a little story to share

26th August 2012 at 7:13 pm

Dear Chibi,

Many years ago when I was still in High School, I met an online friend called Blox. Bloxy is a few years older than I, and he was into anime and art much like myself. We used to chat a ton on MSN and both frequent the same online forums. We met up on several occasions and although there were awkward moments at times, we generally had a good time.

The reality is, many people drift apart over time and the same thing happened to us. Slowly over the years we had less to talk about. However, every time we did chat, he would always ask me if I’m married yet, and I’d always ask him if he found a girlfriend. 2 years ago the conversation dropped completely and I had no idea what was going on in his life.

All of a sudden today, we get back in touch. And so, just like the old times I asked if he’s found a girlfriend yet. To my surprise, he tells me he’s now a married man~ wow! At that moment, I had this really warm and fuzzy feeling inside.. I am so so happy and excited for him. He used to worry he’ll never find someone and now he’s happily married. Ah, I love happy endings like this :)

It’s also moments like this that makes me think..wow, time sure flies. It’s been 9 years already huh?

Chibi was so young back then, ehehehe.


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