Creamy Pasta Carbonara, Bruschetta & Salad

21st July 2012 at 5:23 pm

Dear Chibi,

Since Rocky road was so much fun to make last week, I’ve been inspired to cook again! This time I wanted to make a lunch meal so I chose Creamy Pasta Carbonara, Tomato bruschetta and a salad dish. I started preparing everything at 11 am this morning and end up finishing 3.5 hours later~ it took a while, but I’m still learning so it’s okay :) (It took me almost 2 hours to buy the ingredients the other night XD)

It’s nice being alone in the kitchen so there’s no pressure to work faster XD I was adamant that I did everything myself, so I’m so happy I managed!

Here’s the final result:

Salad with avocado, cos lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and oiishii Japanese dressing :D

yaaaaay!! Aren’t these so pretty? Those photos were taken by Jacky.

I actually think the Carbonara tasted amazing :D The sauce took a while to make but it felt worthwhile. I think the only let down was the brushetta bread being cold by the time we ate it. I guess I didn’t time it well enough. The pasta wasn’t as hot as I had hoped either, but it was still warm. Again prioritizing the order of preparation is something I need to work on.

And of course, progress pictures below!

Onions make me cry ;_;

Washed mushrooms and sliced up bacon

Shredded basil leaves (I chopped it up with a knife instead)

Diced tomatoes (Yeah.. they could’ve been diced a bit

Cucumber for the salad!

Making the sauce! I started off using a fry pan as instructed, but it didn’t look big enough so I transferred it to a saucepan. Omg, the first time I put onions into the oil, it splattered everywhere! “Holy shit O_O” I cried XD

2 tablespoon oil, 1 sliced onion, 4 sliced rashers rindless bacon, 250g mushrooms, 1/2 cup chicken stock, 300ml cream, 1 egg beaten, salt.

Cooking 250g of pasta :)

Bread for my brushetta :D It came out really nice and toasted… too bad I left it too long in the cold before we ate.

Distribution time!

Very yummy Japanese sauce I asked Jacky to get  me :D Makes the salad SO GOOD.

Lunch for Jacky, Markos, Mum and Dad :D Kaz misses out since she’s at the snows ^^

mmm..I wonder what Chibi will make next? ;D

4 Responses to “Creamy Pasta Carbonara, Bruschetta & Salad”

  1. Jacky says:

    Food was really good!

    Just need to serve them warmer next time. You’ll be pro in no time ;)

    Can’t wait for the next dish!

    • Chibi says:

      Yah, it’s regrettable.. but a easy fix for next time :D

      I can’t wait for the weekend to make the next thing :)

  2. cammyii says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! My twin can cook????

    looks delicious!!! Im so impressed!!

    so sad that I missed out tho!! you gotta mek it for kaz next time okies? :3