Japan Trip 2012~ Part 3

5th May 2012 at 7:06 pm

Dear Chibi,

Wooo! We’ve reached part 3! (Click here for part 1 and part 2)

Akihabara, Tokyo

Pachinko & Slots can be found everywhere all of Japan.

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without having a taste of the anime and manga culture from the country it originated from. Akihabara is seriously a male otaku paradise. Everywhere you turn there are billboards of anime girls, girls cosplaying as maids roam the streets and every building is loaded with anime, manga, doujin, figurines etc. However, I say ‘male’ otaku because everything seemed tailored to the male population. There is an awful lot of anime porn/hentai in every store you walk into. It’s practically unavoidable. It was kind of a turn off for me ^^; (lol, Sorry Marcus..had to say it!!)

I did manage to find a few Sailor Moon goodies in Akihabara. You can read about them here.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of anime, from pure observation, One Piece is the single most popular anime out right now. There is a TONNNNN of One Piece merchandise found all over Japan. We laughed when we saw that Luffy has made it to every single souvenir and convenient store in every city we’ve been to.

Maid Café

@HomeCafe Maid Café, Akihabara

How can you go to Akihabara and not check out the much talked-about maid cafés? Unlike regular cafés, waitresses are all pretty young girls dressed up as maids, who address you (their customer) as their “master” or “mistress” depending on your gender. There are strict rules in place, such as no photography or video, no touching of the staff, minimum spending and 1 hour maximum time in the café. Admittedly, it was a little nerve racking walking into one. Jacky even considered not go in at all cause he was so embarrassed by the idea XD It was a different, unusual experience for us.

The food was pretty mediocre for the price you pay, though I doubt people go there for the food. The main appeal are the maids, who act all cutesy as your servant and play games with you if you pay them. I’m not sure how they intend to appeal to female customers though… maybe they don’t~
While the idea seems cute and innocent, I felt the concept was slightly offensive and degrading to women. I don’t know, I sure wouldn’t want to be seen as a sexual object o_O

As we left, they gave us each a “License Card” which I thought was pretty amusing. Lv. 1 MY MASTER. I wonder what they call you when you reach Lv 100? XD

Gundam Café

The Gundam Café was amazing. I’m not even a fan of Gundam and I found it really cool, so you could probably imagine the excitement on Jacky’s face ^.^ The attention to detail in making every little aspect of the café themed is what impressed me the most. As you can see in the picture above, yes that is a toilet. Chibi took a photo of a toilet! XD

This is no ordinary bathroom though…hit the “Start” button and the room is filled with darkness before the “eye” at the back wall starts beaming with light! It also comes with sound effects ;) Oh, and the toilet flap moves…


Studio Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

I didn’t know what to expect when I reserved tickets for this (we had to pre-book them in Australia), but I’ve been told it’s the place to go. Now having been there, I totally understand the hype~ It was a mind blowing experience! Everything was so cute, but there’s much more to it than that.

No photography or video was allowed inside, but I’m not surprised why. There’s GOLD! GOLD EVERYWHERE! Go see it yourself in person and be surprised, be taken into a whole new world…  ^_^ We also watched Water Spider Monmon, a very adorable Ghibli short-film at The Saturn Theatre.

Entry ticket! Everyone gets their own animation cel ^^

Giant Robot from Laputa

Exterior view of the museum, including The Straw Hat Cafe

The streets of Mitaka looked like it came straight out of a manga…

Final Words

And that covers most of the places we explored in our 3 week trip! The blog entries end up much longer than I had planned, but I do hope you enjoyed reading what I had to say :) This trip is special to us because it also marks our 5 Year Anniversary together :) I learned new things about the both of us and I’m forever grateful to have someone as wonderful as him by my side ♥ This is the best trip I’ve ever had and definitely one I’ll always remember.

6 Responses to “Japan Trip 2012~ Part 3”

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  2. feedthe1337 says:

    “lol, Sorry Marcus..had to say it!!”
    That’s okay! I’m sure you’ll make up for it with your praises for Hong Kong… (^-^).

    Wouldn’t mind the My Master card, kukuku =3.

  3. CyCyN says:

    Can you imagine how awkward it was for me to walk in Akiharaba? I have a large chest, so walking around with all those anime drawings with as much boobs as me made REALLY self conscious. HAHAhahaha! I totally know what you mean by it being a male tailored place. Its still fun to walk around though. :D

    that Gundma Cafe looks like so much fun! And Ghibli Museum *0*!!! WOOOOoo!

  4. Jacky says:

    I’ll get to level 100 one day and let you know what it’s like >D.

    Gundam Cafe was definitely the highlight! I’m inspired to make my room look like the cafe!! I want to make my computer have a startup sound like the toilets and I want the hightech wallpapers ><" sooo good…

    Yeap, this was the best trip ever. I'm glad I got to go with you <3