Ranma ½ Live Action Special

11th February 2012 at 2:04 pm

Dear Chibi,

I finally got around to watching the live action TV special of Ranma ½, starring Yui Aragaki as Akane, with Kento Kaku and Natsuna Watanabe playing as boy and girl Ranma. When I first heard about it late last year, I had mixed feelings towards it. I saw some photos of the actors in costume and wasn’t too thrilled at first (I had hoped Ranma girl would be cuter XD) but then it wasn’t too bad when I actually watched it. The main characters were likeable and the overall plot was very faithful to the original manga which was a huge plus for me. Sure, the villains were weird and silly, but it still felt very Ranma-like XD

Yui Aragaki looks really pretty as Akane~ a pity her hair gets cut later on.

Soun and Genma are hilarious~ They’re exactly like they are in the original XD

The relationship between Akane and Ranma develops quite nicely. Ah, Ranma gets so embarrassed sometimes, teehee ^.^

The obligatory almost-get-to-kiss scene was thrown in as usual, but I liked how it didn’t feel too forced like they did in the anime XD Still cute.


Cheesy, comical and romantic~ I’m sure Ranma ½ fans will get a kick out of this one ^_^

Download: Part 1| Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4| Subtitle English

4 Responses to “Ranma ½ Live Action Special”

  1. CyCyN says:

    I also enjoyed it, wasn’t SOOO bad. And like you said, the almost-kiss had a “reasoning” which made the moment more natural, it wasn’t just a “OMG I ALMOST FELL ON TOP OF YOUR LIPS” kind of deal XD.

  2. cammyii says:

    I HEART this movie!!!! <3 Ranma1/2!!