Trip to Adelaide

7th January 2012 at 7:08 pm

Dear Chibi,

The 8 of us (Jacky, Burpy, Ray, MZ, Emily, Meeko, Mel and I) have spent the last couple of days exploring the city of Adelaide. Now you’re probably wondering the same thing I was: What’s there to do in Adelaide? Well, read on and find out :D

Day 1:
We met up nice and early at the Sydney domestic airport for our 6.45am Virgin flight. However, Emily and the girls arrived late which lead to the others all missing their flight since she had their plane tickets >.< Jacky and I boarded the plane first and decided to meet up with them in Adelaide later in the day. Thankfully they were able to catch the next flight 2 hours later, so it wasn’t too bad. The flight was a short one, no food on plane but at least there was a screen to watch some TV. There is a 30 minute timezone difference between Sydney and Adelaide, which didn’t really affect us.

Upon arriving, we had some breakfast at Hungry Jacks before catching a shuttle bus to our holiday house at Angas Court :) Looking out the window, the streets of Adelaide weren’t too exciting to be honest. It feels like a small old town with a tiny population (1.2 million, compared to 4.6 million in Sydney).

The holiday house at Angas Court was nice and cosy. A little small compared to the place we stayed at Nelson’s Bay, but I liked it anyway :) The arrangements were quite pretty and had a very homely feel. There were beds for 6 in total, with Burpy and MZ sleeping on the couch downstairs.

After the others arrived, we spent the day checking out the city and visiting neighbouring places.

On one of the free city tram services

Himeji Gardens

Dinner at a nearby pub

Day 2:

The second day was spent visiting the Botanical Gardens and Adelaide Zoo!

The main attraction of Adelaide Zoo is supposedly Funi and Wang Wang the two pandas. However, we didn’t really see much of them. One had its back to us, and you can only see the head of the other one.

And sooo…pictures of fake ones! XD

Hippos are so..interestingly weird and kinda..ewwy animals. XD I liked looking at them for some reason.. (not its butt..)

And giraffiee, my favourite zoo animal :} The zoo didn’t seem to have many animals, wish there were elephants too XD

After the zoo, we went to pick up our rental cars and stopped by China Town where we had dinner. This China Town is the smallest I’ve ever seen… and there’s really not much there! Then again, there really isn’t many Asians down here in Adelaide so I guess something is better than nothing ^^;

 Day 3:

I couldn’t find my camera :( I snapped a photo of MZ sleeping in the morning and misplaced it for the day..boohoo T.T But that’s okay, since there’s plenty of others with one :)
On day 3, we drove to Barossa Valley in 2 cars to check out the wineries.

We stopped by Maggie Beer’s farm for lunch and sampled a variety of sauces.

Wine tasting. We bought a bottle or two to drink back at home

Later in the afternoon we drove to a German Town called Hahndorf. It had an interesting vibe, but most of the shops were closed. We couldn’t stay here too long since we had booked a guided Ghost Tour that night at the Adelaide gaol… oh my!

I was quite excited by the idea of a Ghost Tour at first, but now I’m sitting here regretting I actually went there =_=; It was really really creepy. The night was pretty cold too and I just dreaded being there! The place scares me so much I asked Jacky not to give me photos he had taken from there. I want no memories of it XDDD Oh, in case you’re wondering..nothing actually happened and I didn’t see any ghosts. But still!! XDD

Day 4 – Final

On our final day the group split up since we wanted to do different things. Emily, Meeko and Mel headed off on their own, while the boys and I went to the beaches.

Mucking around at West Beach before heading to Glenelg Beach!

After the beaches it was time to head to the airport and meet up with the other gals

On a Qantas flight ready to go home :) This plane didn’t have a screen but they provided dinner, yay! foodie! I enjoyed the nice short plane ride and I looooved the view of Sydney’s night-scape from above. So pretty!

Whilst Adelaide isn’t the most exciting place I’ve ever been to (there really isn’t a lot to do there) I thought the trip was a nice relaxing break :) It feels like it doesn’t matter which place you travel to, as long as it’s with great company, it’ll always turn out fun :) Thanks to Emily for organising the trip, and to everyone else for being there :D I don’t think I’d ever visit Adelaide again, but I’ll definitely want to go on another trip with you lot!

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  1. feedthe1337 says:

    Cool \(^-^)/. Okay, I guess I should also go through what I did this week, too:

    Tuesday: Work rage.
    Wednesday: Work rage.
    Thursday: Work rage.
    Friday: Work rage followed by victory!


  2. Jacky says:

    Was definitely a much needed break and getaway. Had tons of fun! But this is only the prelude to our main trip coming up =)