Blue Mountains Weekend

14th June 2011 at 1:07 pm

Dear Chibi,
Spending the long weekend away with Jacky over at the Blue Mountains sure was relaxing. It was pretty cold though with the temperature around 6-7 degrees, with a cloudy and drizzly forecast. A lot of the time it reminded me of our snow trip, without the snow though and plenty of mist :3 whhoooosh.

We first gave Steve a visit (a workmate of Jacky’s) who happily showed us around his house & beautiful garden. The dedication they’ve put into renovating their garden is amazing…  it’s no wonder they seemed so proud of their work. Steve and his partner were both really really friendly, and they cooked us a delicious meal! :DD Yuum. Their house was well kept, tidy and cosy! So much awesome in this place.

Yummy lunch

After recommending us places to visit, Jacky and I set off for some bush walking on the Valley of the Water’s Track. The mountain view was pretty amazing and we felt the mist/fog actually added more to it than took away.

It was a great walk and as we journeyed down the mountain it seemed to get greener and brighter!

We eventually reached Empress Falls :D I almost slipped on the rocky surface, which left my legs shaking for some time after XDD (That’s my excuse for the blurry photos I took of Jacky)

The Gardener’s Inn @ Blackheath where we were staying for the next 2 nights.
The following day we visited Jenolan Caves to embark on the Jubilee Cave guided tour! When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to visit Jenolan Cave because it contained “Jen” in the name, lol.  Does anyone else have these kind of thoughts too?

The tour was over 2 hours in duration and when Jacky told me the level of difficulty was ‘strenuous’ I started to feel nervous! The tour guide mentioned climbing vertical ladders and I totally freaked out. It’s a good thing he was actually referring to stairs (which were really steep, but I can handle that! I just..can’t climb) .

The cave is really fascinating! It’s much more interesting being inside one than hearing about it. I remember learning about caves during year 9 science class… but it’s science, so I didn’t really pay attention! XDD Some things did seem to ring bells though… limestone! I remember that much. ^^;

Aren’t these pictures pretty? Jacky snapped most of the photos with his iphone. Pretty good quality for a phone!

I was sooo exhausted after the walk. My neck, shoulders and back were so sore from all the bending. It’s been two days, and as I type this I’m still aching all over. It’s okay though, because exercise is great 8D!

On the final day, we had originally planned to walk a few more tracks around Blackheath, but it was pouring a lot, so we opted to visit the town of Leura instead. We finished the day with a Beef Tomato Onion pie with some nice hot chocolate :3 And back to Sydney we go.

Very relaxing weekend. I needed one so badly, hahaa!


7 Responses to “Blue Mountains Weekend”

  1. jacky says:

    Nice entry >) sure was really relaxing – except for all your sore muscles lol, well done getting through the cave! Gota love the mountains.

  2. feedthe1337 says:

    Looked like fun =D! I’ve visited a couple of those places during a trip with my workmates a few years back. The photos bring back memories =D.

    • Chibi says:

      Don’t think we’ve ever been bush walking together before (you missed out on Jacky’s bday trip and the Vegie trip too!)

      Do you fear bushes? ;)

      • feedthe1337 says:

        Nah, I love bushes, but I am genuinely afraid of heights, so if I see anything high I might get scared =_=.

  3. Brad says:

    That’s awesome! Miss the mountains! I grew up in Megalong Valley and went to Primary School in Blackheath!!!