Octoby Catch Up

7th November 2010 at 2:17 pm

Dear Chibi,

eeek! Long time no blog~ A few things happened over the last month but I haven’t had the energy to put them into writing, which explains the lack of entries lately D: But never mind that :) I’m going to try and get back into the habit again, cause you never know Jen.. you might start forgetting in a few years time  and wonder what you did in October! hhaa…yes, it’s soo important ;)

Sydney Dance Performance

On 13th October 2010,  Jacky, M12 and I met up in the city after work to chill out. We had dinner at Ichiban, which wasn’t bad except we waited for about 45 minutes before the food came~ now that’s a long wait, especially for starving people XD After finishing the meal, I remember complaining about being too full, while the other 2 were left with a quite an empty stomach, hehhe. I wonder why this place always has a long queue? I prefer Ramen Kan :)

It was raining that night, so we proceeded to the train station where we caught a train to Wynyard before walking to Walsh Bay. Kaz gave me 3 tickets to see the Sydney Dance performance “New Creation Season 2“, which was held at the Sydney Theatre. It was quite exciting for me because I have never been there, nor have I watched a dance performance of this kind. It’s very artsy but I was left in awe :) Actually, the first performance was kinda scary…..the sound of the violin gave me this uneasy eerie feeling. I’ll just assume that’s what I’m suppose to feel, lol. It’s funny how after the first performance, we’d hear the people around us analyzing and discussing the meaning behind the movements… but how did they generate so much information from a dance? I’m clearing missing something here, haha 8D

Basketball Game

On the 16th October 2010, Jacky took me to watch a live basketball game at the Sydney Entertainment Centre along with his brothers :) Needless to say, this was another ‘first time’ for me so I was actually quite excited XDD I remember when Jacky asked if I was interested in going, he had a very doubtful tone in his voice. When I replied “sure!” he turned to his brother and said “Wow, she actually said yes!” XDDD So I went with full spirits that night and enjoyed being part of the crowd :) Although Sydney end up losing to New Zealand,  I thought it was quite memorable night anyway. It was fun ^^

Starcraft Lesson

On 17th October 2010, I was invited over to Burpy’s place to get some Starcraft training for the noob, i.e me. lol At the time, I was still in bronze, and only played  a handful of games. I was almost at my first 5 streak win, so I was nervous about playing and I didn’t want to lose it. I end up logging onto the US battlenet server and played there instead. I thought it was quite…enlightening? XDDD Well, I’d like to think I’ve gained a bit of knowledge of the basics, and how to macro. However, you can’t just macro by knowing, so there’s still lots of practicing but I think it helped me. Upon returning home though, I’m sure I went on some 6  game losing streak, hahahaa… Effects aren’t immediate ;)

Hallo-wah? Bankstown Lunch

On 31st October 2010, Jacky and I met up with MZ and Ray for lunch in Bankstown at this Laughing Cow place. We’ve been here with Burpy and Somps before, but I’m confused now. Reading back on my blog entry, the laughing cow place was in Chatswood @_@ But what’s this then? ..There’s 2 laughing cow places???! I’ve forgotten the name of this place but the logo is the same as this laughing cow cheese. Isn’t that funny? XD

And…My head is gonna blow up soon if I try to remember anymore details from the previous month, lol. Memory and truth distorts itself over time, so I wonder how much of this entry is completely accurate? It’s based on my awesome memory so I’d like to say yes, it’s all real 8D

5 Responses to “Octoby Catch Up”

  1. Jacky says:

    Wow u have pretty good memories =) its good to see u blog again! Nice entry

  2. Ray says:

    lol.. yeah Jacky. blog more!

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