Long Weekend Road Trip @ Nelson Bay

5th October 2010 at 11:34 am

Dear Chibi,

Over the long weekend, I went on a road trip to Nelson’s Bay which Jacky started to organise about 3 months ago.  Because we booked early, we managed to get a really nice place for the 8 of us for a good price :D Floz was in charge of  food, while everyone else was assigned to bring games and other things. The only downfall about this trip was that the weather was very cloudy and uncertain. Apparently it was pouring over in Sydney though, so we still got the better deal xD I went to Ports Stephens with Jacky last year so it gives back some nice memories :)

We met up on Friday morning, a few of us at Auburn and the rest over at Flora’s since it was on the way. Despite all our luggage, everything fitted in the car so we were all set to go!

We stayed at Tranquility at Lagoons. The place pretty much had everything with 4 bedrooms- 1 master, 2 rooms with 2 single beds and another double. Mle and Floz were quick to bag the room with the singles downstairs. Jacky and I took the masters but since Somps was sick she needed a bed for herself, which left MZ and Ray to share a double bed. Of course, these boys refused (XDDD) so Somps took the double for herself, and Burpy slept in the lounge. Ray was looking a bit worried there, ahaha. All good now.

Our master chef cooking us dinner :3

Boys playing on the PlayStation

Day one taking a stroll along Anna Bay. We thought there would be pipis to find but we didn’t really see any. Damn XD

We had gotten ready for Sand boarding for day2 , unfortunately the weather turned out pretty bad and by the time we got to the sand dunes, it was super windy and started to pour. It was freeeezing and we were drenched. We decided it was better to retreat and come back the next day. However, since we were all already wet, we decided to play in the water for a while :)

Day three getting ready for Sand boarding. This time, we were lucky that it wasn’t raining up there so we had plenty of fun :)  As expected it was pretty scary so Floz, Mle and I started with the easier, “kids” hill- which we still ended up stacking anyway XDD We kept slipping off the board mid-way and even now I don’t know how not to fall off. Strange, since I never had that problem last time, lol. We came back with plenty of sand and sore muscles!~

Me with Mr Cute Camel which just sits there XD

Most of the trip was spent at either in the house, at the beach or coles 8D!~ Ah, it was such a nice break! Hope we can do this again some time.

14 Responses to “Long Weekend Road Trip @ Nelson Bay”

  1. Jacky says:

    the weather didnt ruin the fun, I thought it was kinda cool, sort of made the trip more thrilling!

    • Chibi says:

      Actually, you’re right. I didn’t mind the cloudyness, it gives me more incentive to play at the beach XDD The rain was a bit of a spoiler though, esp on day 2 when we went sand boarding!~

  2. chibimimitchi says:

    Adorable/hilarious pics! I love your outfit. What game were the boys playing? I have to ask, I am a game nerd! LOL

  3. Ray says:

    Great summary of events =)
    Toast! To many more trips to come! :D

  4. Malavika says:

    Sounds awesome! When are we gonna do a HS trip?!?! We’ve known everyone for ten years and haven’t done it yet!!