Miss Sydney Chinese Beauty Pageant 2010 & Steven Ma!

1st August 2010 at 2:24 am

Dear Chibi,

Jacky’s parents had two free tickets to see the Miss Sydney Chinese Beauty Pageant and asked if we wanted to go in their place. I’m not a fan of beauty pageants but when I remembered TVB artist Steven Ma Jun Wei was going to be a guest, I immediately jumped to the opportunity! I wanna meet Steven Ma :DD!!!!

Tonight after having dinner at Ajisen, we headed off to Kensington Parade Theatre for the 7pm event, but as usual it ran late and started 30 minutes later. While this was somewhat expected, it was annoying because they kept playing all the sponsors in a loop with a voice over naming each one :p

We end up getting the $68 spots so it wasn’t too bad but still kinda far from the stage. I kept looking around for Steven Ma and it turns out he was already sitting at the front row with the other judges. He’s kinda hard to spot dressed casually.

Steven Ma next the the lady in red

Our view of the stage. You can just barely make out their faces XD The opening performance consisted of them dancing to Lady Gaga songs. Then there was another ‘performance’ where they walked around and threw poses..to ‘Eyes on Me’.

The competition itself wasn’t that interesting to be honest. We didn’t really care much on who was going to win, since we didn’t know these people. Flipping through the pamphlet, Jacky decided he wanted number 10 to win, and cheered along when she appeared, LOL. I wasn’t really going for anybody.

TVB Buddy (Mascot) on stage with the 2 hosts. By the time it reached the Question and Answer section, Jacky and I grew pretty bored. The questions they asked were all using a similar formula and the responses given were all very generic and unoriginal. This section was supposed to test their creativity and improvisation skills but clearly nothing too wonderful was demonstrated. I think in the end, the judging was still based primarily on their looks. Why? The only girl who seemed to do pretty well in this section didn’t even make it in top 5 :p

3 hours have passed, and the end was approaching. Steven Ma still hasn’t come on stage and I found it really disappointing! I kinda gave up and thought he simply wasn’t going to perform. However, just before they announced the winners, Steven came on stage! I got my camera ready and started snapping lots of pics but sadly most were pretty pixely (had to zoom-in a ton!) He performed “Pu Song Ling’s opening theme song which was beautiful, followed by some old classics :D

While performing one of the songs, he was walking in my direction and I waved at him to catch his attention, and he waved back :D yaaay (I know I know, I’m easily amused)

After Steven’s performances, the winners were soon announced and Jacky and I headed out. I guess that was it! As we were about to leave the building, a sense of dissatisfaction remained. We didn’t get to see Steven Ma up closer, so I thought we’d try our luck and hang around to see if we can find him. We walked back into the room to find them still on stage, posing for media pictures.  I was still far away, but the view was much better :)

After the group shots, the family members of the winners went up on stage and I snuck up with them. Unfortunately, Steven Ma had already left! :(  *sigh* I guess that was the end of him.

Me with Janice the female MC for the night.

Miss Sydney Chinese Winner. She is half Polish half Chinese. Very bubbly.

And finally on our way out we saw the MC. He seems really nice and friendly :) More than happy to pose for pictures.

Overall, I think the experience was interesting and I was happy that I was able to at least see Steven Ma, even if from far far away. The pageants were pretty flat for most part, but I didn’t expect an awful lot to begin with. The show went on for a bit too long (4 hours total) but the MCs did a good job and generally the audience was supportive.

Oh, it’s 2am now.. I should sleep ^^; zzzzzz…

15 Responses to “Miss Sydney Chinese Beauty Pageant 2010 & Steven Ma!”

  1. Kaz says:

    STEVEN MA!!! I wish i could have seen him too!!

    It actually sounds awfully similar to the Jade World Carnivals, though I thought the beauty pageant competition might have been slightly more entertaining than random stuff…XD

  2. Jacky says:

    Shouldnt have mentioned Ajisen, i feel embarrassed that i went there lol. DO NOT GO THERE!

    Best part of the night has to be that photo with Anderson, woohoo that pic is priceless!

  3. Alli says:

    Thats probably how my day would go if I only went to a place to see Poreotics… only they’d do a meet n greet with a hour long line and i’ll be some how at the back of *sigh*

  4. Lucky says:

    Nice event. I hope you had a good time :)

    I agree, 4 hours were too much. In general, these type of events only needs about 3 hours (including the MC parts).

  5. Malavika says:

    OMG I can’t believe you met Steven Ma!!!!!!!! You’re lucky!

  6. Vic says:


    Does anyone know the names of the songs Steven Ma sang in the melody (after he sang the theme to Ghostwriter)?