Emily’s 23rd ‘Out-of-Character’ Birthday

18th July 2010 at 10:51 am

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday we celebrated Emily’s 23rd Birthday with some Out-of-character fun :D Like most of her other birthdays, there’s usually a theme to it; last year was “fob” and this time it’s the “OOC”. The funny thing about this party was that originally we were supposed to wear what she allocated for us. It was a April fools joke back then, but how funny would it be to see Burpy as Hello Kitty and Marcus as a flamboyant gay guy?  XDD

We met up at World Square around 5pm but most of them were late (birthday girl included :p) so we ended up going to Sydney Karoake for an hour and a half or so.

Birthday girl as a gipsy, Meeko as gothic lolita, Flora as a punk, Etta as.. a smart business lady?

Jacky as Jackie Chan (lol), MZ as a thug, Chibi as a cowgirl, Somps as a punk/goth, Burpy as a bum in a suit 8D

Afterwards we had dinner @Chat Thai, a Thai restaurant near Capital Theatre. The food was nice, though most dishes were hot and I can’t eat hot stuff ^^;;

This was one of the best dish we had, yummy and not too hot :D

!!! Ray as Ozzy Osbourne. He was the scariest thing I’ve seen a while..and there’s something about the way he plays with his hair that sends me chills XDDD Must be the black nail polish :p I end up getting the ‘Best Dressed” prize from Emily (yay! Chocolate!) but I think Ray probably deserved it more XD The costumes were all really amusing ^_^

Finally, we went to Max Brenner for some yummeh dessert :D On the way up George Street, Jacky had his ‘Jackie Chan’ mask worn at the back of his head which drew quite a bit of attention. It looked so funny!!! XDDDD A girl even asked to take a picture, lol.

I had a really good time, and thanks so much to Emily for treating us to K and dinner :}
Hope she had an awesome time.

6 Responses to “Emily’s 23rd ‘Out-of-Character’ Birthday”

  1. Malavika says:

    Hahahahahaha! Jacky as Jacky Chan!!!!! It was a matter of time I guess! :p Looks fun!

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  3. Raymond says:

    I think you deserved to win! Cow girl was very impressive.
    Sorry to creep you out so much that night. lol.
    Oh, and for everyone’s record, lets not forget Jacky’s KICK ASS costume ^^