Jacky’s 23rd Mountain Climbing + Indian

9th May 2010 at 8:06 pm

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday to celebrate Jacky’s 23rd, the 8 of us went to climb Mt Solitary over at the Blue Mountains :)! We got up nice and early and met up together for a 8am take-off (and stocking up on some lunch). The weather was really nice which made the walk rather enjoyable. The walk itself takes 5 hours but my main concern lied in the lack of toilets!  XD

The Mountain climbers + Ray the camera man :)

The walk was pretty challenging!! When we started to descend down the mountains, I was pretty slow and couldn’t quite catch up with the others. I don’t know how they do it, but they walk so fast!! XD I slipped once and twisted my leg but the rest was okay because Jacky became my handle ^^

Taking a short break as poor Floz tries to catch her breath

Us next to a huuuuuuuue rock :D

And little rocks..

By this time we reached our semi-destination- lunch area!! The problem was that I couldn’t get to the rock where everyone else was sitting…I’m a nooooob!

And of course after numerous failed attempts, plenty of hands, awkward suggestions and push-ups, they got me across to the other side 8D yay! It sounds pretty funny but I really was scared!! My fear of heights is still around..

After lunch, the group split up- Jacky, Burpy, Somps and Ray continued onto Mt Solitary, while MZ, Floz, Emily and I headed back. By this time, we all really needed to use the bathroom, and we thought it was just a matter of time before the bush was our only option…lol So, MZ being the only guy was given the responsibility to look after us girls. He did a great job on that and we safely got back to our destination- the car. Somehow though, he also felt obliged to help us find potential..bush-toilet areas XD XD He found this complete open area along the track with metal bars and said to do it HERE. He called it a corner!! XD XD XD  EPIC FAIL 8D “It will only take you less than 30 seconds!” he claims.. well, I think it’s best that we just..held it. lol

The walk back was extremely tiring! Firstly, going downhill was really tricky- I slipped a few times because there were so many leaves on a steep ground. There wasn’t much to hold onto either. However, the most exhausting had to be the climb back up… we were drenched in sweat, how pretty! lol..

Meanwhile elsewhere.. the other guys reached top! Wahhh nice view ^^ It would have been nice to get there but the walk was a bit too much and seeing the slow pace I walk, I’d never make it back ^^;

After uniting with everyone, Jacky drove us to Parramatta and treated us to a nice Indian dinner at Neelam :) I don’t have Indian very much but the food is really nice =D The people there were also really friendly.

After dinner when we were sitting around chatting, Ray as usual wanted to start singing ‘Happy Birthday’. Jacky of course gets easily embarrassed and told him ‘shhh, don’t worry about!” haha! However, the restaurant staff heard and very generously offered us a free dessert, a ice-cream cake! What a treat! They also started playing the  birthday song in the restaurant and everyone started to sing-along ^^

hehehe, Jacky looking embarrassed ^.^

I really enjoyed the day! Lots of exercise means  no more exercise for a year plenty of endorphins ^^

Thanks for organising such a awesome day!

6 Responses to “Jacky’s 23rd Mountain Climbing + Indian”

  1. Jacky says:

    Thanks for enjoying it and this awesome blog entry =)

    I would love to train you up and one day take you to the top of Ruined Castle, its the craziest place ever! even ask burpy, somps and Ray.

    Fun and tiring but i slept 13 hrs the next day so thats ok hehe

  2. Malavika says:

    Ooooh fun! You went to Neelam! Did you find it spicy?