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18th April 2010 at 8:15 pm

Dear Chibi,

Today I dug up some old letters and cards from pen pals, old friends..even some from teachers. Looking back at these letters was quite nostalgic… I can’t imagine ever throwing them away. They’re so delicate, creative little things so carefully put together. The sad thing is, I have lost touch with most (if not all) of these people for many years now. But hey, they were still part of my life at one stage, and I will cherish that forever. Here are a few selected letters I thought I’d share:

Letters from Valery. We used to go to the same primary school at one stage, but since she was older she naturally moved onto High School while I stayed behind. She also moved suburbs and since then we’ve only seen each other once.
Dated 25th November 1996. In one of her letters, she put the date as “something th/something month/1999” lol. That’s really helpful.

From my best friend from primary school. Sadly, she’s no longer here.
Dated 8th January 1998

Letter from Ms Mak, my Chinese community language teacher from primary school. She went to teach at another school and it seems we wrote to her asking how everything was. She replied with quite an amusing letter, and ended it with “Please send my regards to your parents, Lisa & Bernice
Dated 31st May 1998.

Letters from Kaz. Yes, she lives so far away in the same bedroom that we felt the need to write to each other, hehe ^^
Dated back over 10 years

From Rebecca, a friend from Sydney Chinese School who was a year younger. After studying together for a year or two, I moved back to my previous school.
Dated: 2000

Letter from Lavender of Moon Fantasy Forum (Non-existent now). This was a one-off letter where she sent me some stickers as a prize for some contest.
Dated 2003

Letters from Shy, an online friend from USA I met through Moon Fantasy. She also sent a photo of herself, she’s really cute ^_^
Dated from 2004

Christmas Greeting from Chibisah, from USA (I met through Moon Fantasy)

From Sakura, an online friend from Canada I met through Chibi Forum.
Dated 17 August 2006

From Sailor Comett, an online friend from England who followed my Sailor Moon sites since 2000. We recently connected again via Facebook.
Dated 22 April 2008

Christmas greetings from Digilee, an online friend from Canada who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting offline :)

Moral of the blog entry? Chibi loves receiving hard copy letters. If you post her one, it’s likely she will keep them forever :)

12 Responses to “Write me a letter”

  1. selena says:

    Yeah I love letters! To write them and to get them xD And read it over a thousend times… again and again and again ^^

    Mails are nice too, of course but in handwritten things.. there is so much more love i think.

    It’s “hard worke” but i think its worth it.. everey time :)

    • Chibi says:

      Agreed :)

      It does require effort (from both sides) for something like this to work. Plus, with the internet these days, hand-written letters have been killed off pretty much.

      Still, it’s nice to go back to the old fashion way at times :) It has a very personal touch to it.

  2. SailorEm says:

    I love letters too! And getting something in the mail for once is so fun! I’ll totes write you one if you like? :O WE CAN BE PEN PALS! Man, I used to have heaps of them… before the Internet Age really began. Now I just get bank statements… And report cards.

    I laughed at the letters between you and Kaz :P And lol, my eyes went huge at the Sailor Moon stickers in the last photo!

  3. Yaki aka Shy says:

    hahaa… I have mine as well! I kept all my letters. I still have some from Android21 and Andrew from Moon Fantasy. The day I found you on facebook, I went through the letters.. it was great! =] Miss you! I hope you’re doing well!

    • Chibi says:

      OMG A21!! hahaa Andrew is…Ryohei/Ranma? damn, his name escapes my mind XD (Hey, why do you need to write to your ‘husband’ hm??’ XD)

      Nice to know you’re doing well ^^ Do you still live at the same place? Maybe I’ll send you a greetings card this year, hehe ^^

  4. Malavika says:

    What a beautiful entry! Very sentimental!

  5. coolGuy23 says:

    No skool style like the old skool style 8-)!