3 Year Anniversary

16th April 2010 at 12:06 pm

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday April 15th marked the 3rd year Jacky and I have been together- did I think this day would come? Of course. lol So I can’t say ‘I can’t believe we have been together for..blahblahblah” I have always been sure of this and it makes me happy :) We’ve known each other for 5 years now yet I always still manage to learn new things (like his bad taste in girls :p) hehehe..

He’s probably used to me teasing and embarrassing him by now 8D What a lovely girlfriend I am ^^ *hugs*

<3<-Big heart just for you.

4 Responses to “3 Year Anniversary”

  1. Malavika says:

    Congrats! And may you have many more!

  2. Jacky says:

    Yay – Thanks for the Big heart, its really big! lol