Shoalhaven and Pipis

6th April 2010 at 8:33 pm

Dear Chibi,

I spent the Easter long weekend with Jacky at Shoalhaven down at the South Coast :D It was good fun even though it rained one of the days and the weather looked uncertain during the others. We took the chance to go canoeing one morning despite possible showers and lucky for us it didn’t rain! Canoeing was good, it reminded me of kayaking during year 9 camp. It can get pretty tiring though and knowing lazy me, you probably figured I’d just sit there most of the time doing nothing, lol. Well, it wasn’t for this case! I did all the hard work  for 2 hours getting us across the 5km while Jacky took a nap..

Only kidding ;) He did most of it, but I DID help out..even though it made little difference.. *cough* XD I enjoyed the ride except it didn’t take long before I realized I needed to use the bathroom. Don’t you just hate it when this happens??? LOL. It’s soooo annoying- so while one wants to take time enjoying the view, we have someone else wanting to get out not long after going in. ^^; The timing wasn’t too bad though, as it started pouring after we got out.. but alas, rain came.

We spent most of the trip at Seven Mile Beach since it was really close to where we were staying. We started off collecting pretty shells, but soon our fascination of finding pipi caught on (I kept calling them hippies.. XD)

When Jacky found his first pipi, we were really really excited, even though it was a small baby one. It was an achievement!

But as the days went on, they became really easy to find, lol. It turns out our original achievement wasn’t much of an achievement, haha! Jacky was able to find so many at once, and quite a few large ones too. Here’s a small collection Jacky found at one stage, (you can see one of the slug-ish stuff inside come out):

When Jacky started hunting for them, I was too scared to touch the shell and thought it was kinda grose since it was alive. Eventually I grew more brave and started to dig for them too- it wasn’t so scary after all :D Jacky also found a crab.. and something else moving really weirdly O_o A diglet? heheee..

And now I’m home again! Guess it’s back to work!

10 Responses to “Shoalhaven and Pipis”

  1. Jacky says:

    hehe was mad, gota love pipis! too bad you cant take em home, otherwise we might be eating pipis for dinner everynight, save on our costs lol. Seriously that weird moving creature was some sort of diglet…or maybe Digtrio?

    Oh well it was awesome, but back to work now!

  2. Kaz says:

    WOW!!! Trip looks awesome!!

    The beach and creek looks so pretty too!! might make that my next roadtrip destination :D so sad u guys didn’t take me with u T_T (and just dropped me off the station lol)

  3. coolGuy23 says:

    Looks like fun :D.

  4. Malavika says:

    Sounds like a lovely trip :)

  5. Floz says:

    Hippies! It was meant to be! Lol. Looks like you guys had fun. :)