Joey Yung’s Sydney Starlight Concert 2010

29th March 2010 at 12:53 pm

Dear Chibi,

Last night Jacky, Kaz and I went to see Joey’s 2010 Sydney Concert held at the Sydney Entertainment Center. I’ve always wanted to go to a concert, and Joey is pretty much the only person I care about and want to see live. I even had a dream I met her in person (and damn that was cool XD) Knowing my first concert experience was watching her made me extremely happy :D!

Joey Yung Sydney Starlight Concert 2010

I started listening to her about 10 years ago. She came to Sydney for a concert in 2004, but because it was during HSC year we decided it probably wasn’t a great idea (and it was pricey and we were jobless XD). I’m glad she’s able to come back and perform for us :)

Jacky and I got the $69 tickets but thanks to his cousin we got the front row of the last section so we were pretty close to the stage (though not centered). Kaz watched with her friends at the $108 seating right at the center. It would have been better if they gave us whistles or glow-sticks but that didn’t happen. We resorted to using phone lights instead.

So.. I was sitting there waiting eagerly for her to appear but wasn’t as excited as I thought I would be at that very second. Then she came. She started singing. My eyes became really watery.. It was then that I realised just how happy I felt. I was reaaaally happy. I couldn’t believe I was sitting there seeing the real person and hearing her voice. I will never forget that moment :)

During the concert Joey said “I’ve been eagerly waiting (to visit to Sydney) for a very long time!” and a fan yelled back “ME TOO!!!!” XD XD haha, everyone started laughing it was hilarious. Then another instance that night, I think the same person yelled out on the top of her lungs “I LOVE YOU JOEY!!” and Joey responded back “Really? Are you free tonight?” XD XD

Overall I had a really good time and loved the parts where she sang her good o’ classics. Nostalgic, hehe. It was also interesting seeing the various outfits she would wear during the night. She performed her songs really well, though there could have been more dancing.

There was one part in her speech that I felt was a bit inappropriate. She mentioned that while she was in Australia, she took the chance to see Lady Gaga’s performance to jokingly “steal ideas”. Then she went on to compliment Gaga so much that she made herself sound way too inferior to her. Why would you do that? It’s your concert, we came to see you, not Gaga… Joey is pretty much the best female singer in Hong Kong- she should never talk down herself. It made me a little sad. I’m not ditching Gaga here, I just feel it was unnecessary to place herself in that kind of position. She finished it by saying there’s one thing she’s better at than Gaga……she has more slow songs! >.<

On a random note, while Jacky was driving us home, he mentioned that he thought one of the female dancers on stage was really hot. At the same time, I mentioned a female dancer on stage who was really ugly. After describing the lady we were both talking about, it ends up being the same person (There was only 2 female dancers)..I gotta say..I’m in disbelief!! Jacky!!! You have such bad taste!!! ~_~ SO what does that make me…? Oh dear :p Nasty.

9 Responses to “Joey Yung’s Sydney Starlight Concert 2010”

  1. Kaz says:

    YAY for Joey Concert!!! :D Had an awesome night too!!

    HAHA too bad I didn’t even notice the dancers’ face to even comment XD

  2. Jacky says:

    Joey concert was a blast! was incredible hearing her songs at the entertainment center…best sound ever…and glad you like it =).

    lol i tried to search for that dancer on google, and ur blog is 2nd on the list

  3. Kaz says:


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  5. Ivy says:

    Gosh Chibi…I didn’t know you’re a Joey fan too! HAHAHA..its me, from Charmaine fanclub. HAHA..I’m a big fan of Joey >.<