Same person, same time, same place

27th February 2010 at 8:26 am

Dear Chibi,

I’m starting to feel a bit paranoid. It has recently come to my attention that I have been sitting next to the same guy every morning on the train. Every time I board the train, I usually go for the same place- I want a two-seater, top level near the middle, facing backwards if possible.  Lately I have started noticing the same face which leaves me feeling a bit..weird. That seat is usually free since he puts his bag on it until I hop on. Now it just happens every day! He gets off 2 stops before me and now before he even has to ask, I get up to let him out. He waves to me when he leaves.. WTH??? This acknowledgment of  ‘knowing you’ is very awkward. When I’m on a train during my daily commute, I would like to be left alone, minding my own business. I usually don’t take much notice of the people around me, and this kinda killed it.

Should I just move carriage and avoid any further awkwardness? XD XD I’m not sitting there BECAUSE I WANT TO SIT NEXT TO HIM. The seat just always looks most appealing, and he doesn’t smell or take up over 50% of seat space like most…people.. >.> Or I should just wave back 8D! … not.

lol. Random.

23 Responses to “Same person, same time, same place”

  1. Brad says:

    That’s nice! Wave back! I miss those friendly talks with strangers on the bus/train!

  2. Lucky says:

    Post a photo of this stalker guy in order MoonSticks fans will protect you!

    If you think this guy who said you “Helloooow” is a creepy stalker, tell him wearing Sailor Moon’s cosplay “In the Name of the Moon, We’ll Punish You!” and then kick him!
    And don’t forget to run away after that!!!


  3. selena says:

    Sounds like an little every day adventure xD If he’s cute.. wave back! XD There is no reason that this has to be a “sexual thing” *g* but soulmates are very rare! Maybe he is one ;) you should’t miss that! … and if he’s not.. like Lucky says.. well’ kick his ass in the name of the moon! XD

    • Chibi says:

      lol, you’re so funneh XD I have a boyfriend!!

      • selena says:

        yeah.. i know.. i remember the sweet valentinsday present :D but only because he’s a boy.. there is no reason why he couldn’t be a friend of yours ;) just a friend o_o you know what i mean ^.~

        But usually.. boys don’t wave at girls they just like to be friends with.. xD Very difficult! But if the situation let you smile a litte bit every morning.. enjoy it! The most important thing in life is to have something to smile! ;) Thake that advice from an old, wise woman… xDDDDD~

      • Chibi says:

        lol.. old wise-woman?? You don’t seem old to me XD

        I guess it’s a good to to have something to smile about XD Not sure if that’s with this case but I’ll keep that in mind ^_^

  4. Rina says:

    If he seems harmless, a wave wouldn’t hurt.

  5. Malavika says:

    Depends. Is he creepy? Does he make unnecessary conversation or stuff like that? If it’s just a wave…then might be okay?

    There was this old curry guy who caught my bus home from Parra. He unnecessarily makes conversations with everyone! Including me. I had to completely ignore him, shut him out, before he left me alone :p

    • Chibi says:

      oh, now that would be creepy!

      He does seem pretty harmless- and before today we never actually spoke to each other.

      This morning when I got on he started talking ^^;

  6. Jacky says:

    Just tell him – you have a boyfriend already =P

  7. feedthe1337 says:

    You should wave back and go, “YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  8. Rayfy says:

    Maybe move to another carriage for a while. But don’t give him the wrong message ~_~

  9. Brad says:

    lol. He’s probably blogging about the rude girl he sees every day that doesn’t wave back. ;)

  10. Somps says:

    lol I’ve realised that I often end up getting the same men sitting next to me too sometimes.

    I pretty much get my choice of seats (2 seater closest to the back)since I’m the first to get on the train. But once its to Holswothy etc all the window seats and isle seats on the 3 seaters get taken and it just so happens the spots that are free are next to me by the time they get on. Its not like every single day but I’m pretty sure I’ve had the same person sit next to me over 10 times since I’ve become a regular.

    The only thing I’ve said to them is “thank you” when they move to let me out lol. Its just friendliness. :) …Unless he ever winks at you or checks you out haha!

    • Chibi says:

      lol! he pretty much eyes me when I get on ~__~ Today when I got on, there was also a free seat in front of him, but because he caught my eye (cause he was watching me..) I felt “obliged” to sit next to him because he started moving his bag away before I even got close to the seat! It was like him saying “over here!”.

      When I sat down and prepared to get my ipod-nano out, he said “Are you going to school?” I told him “No, I’m going to work. Why, do I look like a school girl?”

      Him: “Oh, I’m just guessing”.
      And then by the time he said that I put my headphones on and proceeded to take my morning nap.. XD lol.

      What I found pretty odd was also that when he was talking to me, he had his headphones on..who talks to someone with their headphones on??? XD XD.

      And then when he left again, he waved and said “cya”.

      I..just didn’t say anything again as usual. lol. I’m so ANTI-SOCIAL ;)

      • Somps says:

        Hahaha well then I guess that’s a bit different when he eyes you and wants to get to know you. How old does he look?

        If he makes you uncomfortable maybe you should sit somewhere else? Even if its just a different seat not necessarily a whole different carriage.

        Acknowledgment that he’s making room for you could seem like an invitation. He could even have been saving that seat with his bag for you! lol