Ray’s Moving Home Party and Burpy’s Pandora

7th February 2010 at 11:45 am

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday Ray invited us over to his current place to have a Moving Home Party :D Most of the Uni guys didn’t end up coming except for me, Jacky and Burpy but that was cool xD What I found particularly amusing was that Burpy had not realised we were still at Ray’s old place (which we’ve been to previously).  He was joking about never coming here again, and when I agreed, he was so shocked. XD hahahaa..how can someone NOT know the location is exactly the same? Somehow he thought Ray simply arranged the new place to look like the old. FAIL. ahahahhahaaa.. Good thing he doesn’t read this blog ;)

We had pizza, lasagna, salad and lots of junk food for lunch followed by poker with his High School friends. We end up played for several hours since well, the game was a bit messed up, haha! Everyone started off with waaaayyyy too many $500 chips..and the big blind was $20.. great lol. In the end, no matter how many chips we started off with, Ray was ultimately the big winner!!! Good one Ray, you were super lucky that day, and since you’re moving places who else would be better to have that luck on their side, hm? ;)

At about 6pm, Ray was wrapping up to go to a birthday party, so we asked Burpy if he would invite us over to his place. To our surprise.. he said yes!! :D :D yaaaaaayy.. None of us has ever been there before so we felt special being the first XD I have always wondered what his place would be like, and Jacky was jokingly saying it’s probably like Pandora.

We when arrived..I thought I was in another planet XD His house is simply jaw-dropping AMAZING!! INCREDIBLE!! I have never been in a house more awesome than this! His mother was also very friendly and amusing..she’s so animated! She sounds like so much fun and I can see parts of that in Burpy, too (strange you may think XD) So yes, as you could probably tell I was pretty excited. The house gave off a really warm and cosy feeling, especially with the motivational quotes found placed in various places.

Burpy with Ginger.. who has a lot of attitude:

“You lied. There’s no food here”

I was sitting at his computer digging through his art files while he and Jacky played the guitar :3 I found some amazing pieces I haven’t seen before and some older works of his, teeheee! I must admit, I would be pretty nervous if someone was looking through my computer files- heck I don’t even let Jacky touch them XD There’s just something about files on a computer that feels personal. Not that there’s anything no one can see, but yeah, AHA. I was being supervised so it was somewhat okay.

Then came the dinner. Jacky and I were..kinda…nervous, lol. Both his parents were really friendly but it’s still our first time here so ahahaha… we better be on our best behavior (who knows, we might be kicked out next time XD) The food was really delicious and it was interesting chatting to his parents (I mean, they did give birth to this genius ;P) I probably said a few inappropriate things since Burpy gave me the weird look..ehem ^^;

Afterwards the two played more guitar and finished off the night with some Playstation3..I think it was called… Super Sonic Acrobatic ..something..Power Cars. Damn I forgot again. lol

Ah what a fun day ^_^! It rained a lot though, good thing we were indoors most of it :)

Thanks to Ray and Burpy for having us over :D

7 Responses to “Ray’s Moving Home Party and Burpy’s Pandora”

  1. Jacky says:

    Thanks ray for organising the party and thanks for winning poker >D.

    Burpy’s place was simply Pandora. Never been to such a house before…have to go again sometime lol.

    and its called “supersonic acrobatic rocketpowered cars” =P

  2. Malavika says:

    Nice! I wanna learn to play poker actually.

    Btw, what’s Burpy’s real name?

    • Chibi says:

      Yeh! It’s a pretty fun game! (Easy to learn, too)

      Oh, his name is Michael. But we already have Michael Zhu so yeah..ehehe. He’s Michael B.

  3. Somps says:

    OMG! I can’t believe I missed a opportunity to visit Burpy’s house! lol And I guess I won’t be going to Ray’s old house either. :P

  4. Floz says:

    *sigh* Missed it. Would’ve been good if we were all there. I think Tonga and I had a friend’s b’day or something on…

    Next time!