Blue Mountains

9th January 2010 at 7:53 pm

Dear Chibi,

Today Jacky and I along with Mum and Dad went to the Blue Mountains for the day. I haven’t been there since Primary School, and that was the only time I’ve ever been there.  I do have some memories of it though from pictures. See, pictures are the best. XD I also vaguely remember sitting in the car heading there and puking, lol. It’s only a 1.5hrs drive, so geez I must suck, haha! That time we went with Henry’s family along with Eddie..and in the car I was sitting in the middle with both Kaz and Eddie leaning on me- how was I suppose to move, aye? lol. I also recall walking in some cave, but I never knew that was Jenolan Caves until today. It would have been nice to check that out too- but yeh, got tired and eheeh…

I wonder if I can dig up a photo to share? *goes off to look through old photo albums*

Kaz, Eddie and Me

A photo of the photo ^_^ hehe, Eddie is so cute. (Kaz left, Chibi right)

Me with *pinchable*Jacky at the Three Sisters

Going down the Scenic Railway (The steepest in the world apparently)

Along the Scenic Walkway outside the “Katoomba Coal Mine” (or at least that’s what it says on the sign XD)

yay, cold water!!

Green :)

It was a really nice day today (maybe weather was a bit too nice..oh it was hot alright…XD) Jacky came over to pick us up at 10am and when we got there it was mid-day. We checked out the Three Sisters first, before heading for the 45min-ish bush walk to the Scenic World :) We had paid for 4 hours parking ($15) but then realised it may not be enough time to reach the Scenic World and back. Jacky end up sprinting back to the car during the bush walk and meeting us there. He came back looking like he drenched himself with water, but it was actually sweat XD! ehehhee! When we finally arrived, there was parking.. FOR FREE. FREE! XD But of course, we realised it was because the entry fee would totally make up for the parking cost. It cost $19 each person for the valley-return ticket, which covered pass for the Scenic Railway, Cableway and Walkway. Overall, it was a good experience..though tiring! I was expecting my Mum to be the first complaining about walking, but it was me.. ME!! Why am I so unfit, hm? HMMM? XD XD XD

I’s not that surprising. But hey. XD

17 Responses to “Blue Mountains”

  1. engsamnang says:

    If that your sisters? not sure. remember me engsamnang from K with fever from beyond the realm of conscience. Don’t know even a bit, you had a blog. All in all, good luck. bye bye

  2. Jacky says:

    wow very clear pictures! it was fun and very good exercise =), i love running through the walkways hehe, i did it in 9 minutes (carrying backpack too) when everyone else took 50 minutes!

  3. Kaz says:

    Glad you had a great day! It was wayyy hot!!

    I went to the Blue Mountains three times, once recently, the other you mentioned, and a Year 3 excursion. Was it cos you were in 3-4c that you missed out on going with us o.o?

  4. Marcus says:

    That looks like a lot of fun :D. It’s always good to walk around and look at some trees, especially on a nice and sunny day.

    My workmates and I were going to visit Jenolan Caves during our trip this year, too, but we got too lazy in the end.

  5. Rayfy says:

    So was the scenic railway really scenic and/or deep?

    • Chibi says:

      Oh yeh it was actually pretty steep! So steep that it felt like I was standing up (the seat was tilted way back) I wish it was a roller coaster XD The view was quite good too..interesting.

  6. Malavika says:

    I love the pic where you and Kaz are kids! And I love the Blue Mountains, especially the train and the cable car!

    I’m sure you guys must have had a lot of fun!

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