A Gold Coast Christmas

28th December 2009 at 8:20 am

Dear Chibi,

I’m back from the Gold Coast :D! I arrived home 5.45am this morning, took a nice long shower, started unpacking a bit and here I am! I really should go get some sleep, but I feel like writing this up before I forget. I didn’t end up taking many photos, so hopefully having it in words is a passable substitute! (Woah..why is the weather so dark and gloomy in Sydney? o_o)

The trip turned out pretty good, amazing actually! I was unsure about the 11 hour drive but it wasn’t too bad- after a few naps and several stops, we’re pretty much there. Jacky picked me up at 10.30pm, and we arrived at the Gold Coast the next early morning. We weren’t going to check-in until 1pm, so we thought we may as well head to the beach. It was gloomy and it started pouring when we got out, lol. There goes that idea. We decided to try our luck and see if they can let us check-in earlier. When we started heading to the apartment it was all nice and sunshine again, XD. Despite the rainy forecast, the weather was quite nice to us. For the 3 days we were here, it really only rained in the very early hours and cleared up when we headed out.

We successfully checked-in and after unpacking a bit, we headed back to Surfers Paradise for some beaching. I played with the waves for a bit to cool down but tried to stay covered most of the time. *hides under a towel* XD

Jacky and I spent the second day at Warner Bros. Movie World, while his family went to Wet n’ Wild. I’ve been here once about 10 years ago and I can barely remember a thing ^^; This was going to be our first time at an amusement park together so we were really looking forward to it. Lucky for us, it was no where near as packed as it usually is so there was hardly much of a queue! (Apart from Lethal Weapons *cough*)

I was never good with heights so roller coasters was simply out of the question…until that day. I think being with Jacky makes me brave. I end up going on all the roller coasters…and it was AWWWEEESSSOOOMMME!!! XD It was scary, but more fun than anything else! This is another personal achievement. I never thought I’d ever go on one, and never knew I would enjoy it so much. My favourite ride was the Superman Escape, the thrill was just amazing!! It’s hard not to scream. We end up going on it three times. There really is a big difference sitting at the front of the roller coaster and at the back. We tried out both, and the experience of being at the front was 1000x better XD The back still rocks though.

The Lethal Weapon looked pretty big and scary. It looped five times but the scariest part was still going up! I was so nervous sitting there with my legs dangling. Will I die? XD My head was spinning at the end, but I was okay. I just wish my head wasn’t knocked around so much, ouch..lol.

The Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster deserves a mention too. I love this stuff, since you just sit there without feeling you’re going to die (since it’s indoors) but there’s still thrill & excitement! I’ve also always liked the 4D adventure stuff, and Shek in 4D was fun :D!

On the third day we went to Sea World with the whole family. It was so hot! I wonder why we bothered worrying about the rain (that never came) XD. The highlight for this day would have to be the Jet Rescue ride. What a crazy ride! We went on this one twice (though the second time we lined up the queue was massive). I also really enjoyed the Bermuda Triangle – there’s so much interesting things to see inside o_o I had no idea it was so sci-fi. Fish Detectives was a funny watch, the Sea Lion is so cute >-<” Wish I’d taken some photos of it..

What a memorable Christmas! Thanks for taking me here Jacky ^_^!

Now…off to sleep!

11 Responses to “A Gold Coast Christmas”

  1. Somps says:

    Sounds like fun. Yes! Rollercoasters are awesome! :D. Good on ya Jacky for getting Jen on them lol

  2. Jacky says:

    Haha what a blast it was! Im really glad you enjoyed it, and also the roller coasters! How mad was Superman =)

  3. Lucky Chance says:

    YeSSSS! :D
    Welcome back!

  4. Rayfy says:

    wow! Go Chibi. I said it before, but I say it again, you have become much braver.

    Your trip sounds amazing ^^

  5. kressa says:

    sounds like you had a wonderful trip. love the cute secret santa presents XD

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