Ski Trip 2009

18th August 2009 at 9:35 pm

Dear Chibi,
I just came back from a 3 day ski trip at Perisher!! It was quite an experience :D

The last (and first) time I went to the snows was in 2006. It doesn’t feel like that long ago because I remember it quite well but back then I wasn’t even going out with yeah, it has been a little while XD This time, instead of going with a tour, we decided to go on our own with Jacky doing the organising and driving :D

On Thursday night after work, Mark and I met up with MZ and Burpy at Jacky’s place at about 11pm. The drive can take about 5-6 hours so we started our journey at about 12am to get there by morning. We picked up Somps along the way and dropped by a few petrol stations to take little breaks. It was freeezing outside, lol. We had breakfast at about 4am at Maccas but it was still fairly dark. We took little naps along the way and before we knew it, the sun was out! We got our accommodation/vouchers sorted and our equipment hired.  They gave me a pretty pink jacket, oh yay XD It just conveniently matched my pink beanie, pink scarf and pink sunnies.

Group at Perisher

Our first group shot when we arrived at Perisher

Chibi Doll of Me

Pink Clothing

We couldn’t check-in at the cabins til 4pm that day so we left all our luggage’s in the car and headed off to the snowfield! The weather was beautiful with the sun out and clear blue sky. I’m a complete noob when it comes to skiing.. I didn’t grasp how to ski last time around since there wasn’t as much time, and we didn’t have any ski-lift passes included. This meant, in order to get up the mountain we had to walk up ourselves, which is way too much effort (it’s much trickier than walking normally). It was a good thing this time mountain passes were included in our package :D

It was Mark’s first time skiing, Somp’s third, MZ and Burpy’s 2nd and Jacky’s 2nd time snowboarding. Pretty soon when we arrived, the group kind of split up and MZ and Burpy went their own ways for a while. (Too pro for us? :p)

I wondered if I should have taken ski lessons or not, but decided it wasn’t for me. I think it would be much more fun learning from friends. Somps, Mark and I went up the little slope for noobs and I stacked it heaps of times. It didn’t hurt though, snow is nice so that wasn’t an issue. The only problem I see with stacking it is..well, I can’t get up on my own XD Yeah, that’s pretty annoying XD. Now and then Jacky would pop-up and try teach me the “v” technique to slow down. I think I saw what he meant, but skiing down does also require some courage too XD


Me sitting on the snow after stacking it. I decided to sit there for a bit

After some more failed attempts I decided to sit out and just take a break. Oh yesh, the food around this area is pretty expensive! For just wedges and a small coke cost Somps about $12. Good thing we weren’t starving too much.. ^^;


Holding Jacky’s snowball and taking credit XD

We finished off and left for the cabins at about 4pm.. it was freeezzzing! My gloves were  a bit short (and not water proof), and perhaps I didn’t tighten my jacket/pants too well..every time I stacked it heaps of ice would get inside, ahhh! Very cold indeed.. I was relieved it was time to get back to our cabins!

The 6 of us stayed in one big room, 4 single beds and one double, one bathroom and an empty change room of some sort, a fridge and a TV. The guys didn’t wanna share with each other, so Somps and I took the double bed (which I must say is pretty small XP)

Cabin we stayed at

eheh..wonder if anyone notices what’s wrong with this picture?

I love staying in cabins in trips!! It’s fun to just hang together, eat and play :) The room was really warm with the heaters (though sometimes too stuffy). The only problem about the area was that the tap waters are all contaminated and we were told we shouldn’t even brush our teeth with it! lol… So on the first night we spent some time boiling water and trying to stock some up (which was a bit tricky since we didn’t have much bottles/containers for the water). On the first night we “heated up” Jacky’s charcoal chicken with MZ’s portable heater XD XD XD Not the hottest thing I’ve ever had but it was still yummy and warm :D

Mark, Jacky and MZ were really tired that evening- after all, the only sleep was the few hours in the car- but I was okay since I wasn’t as active on day 1. They all hopped in bed about 6.30pm, while Somps, Burpy and I stayed up to chat till 10pm. We witnessed something very interesting… yes, you guessed right- we heard lots and lots of snoring coming from MZ! XD Jacky said during last snow trip that MZ kept snoring and even mumbled “Jacky..” in his sleep. No one else witnessed that though, but I’m not surprised now that it happened- cause it happened again!

He started snoring almost right after he said “good night” and laid down in his bed. He started mumbling words and moved around a lot. We watched his movement for a while. I was..very afraid XD It looked like he was possessed or something, since it didn’t feel like he was faking it. “Go away, don’t annoy me!” he grumbled. He looked like he was having a bad dream. At one point, he leaned so much on one side that he almost fell off his bed, but then rolls back to the wall, uses one hand to hold up the curtains and stuck his head forward to look out the window.  O___O OMG. XD He posed like that for a few minutes…How freaky is that?? All of this happened before 10pm..

I was the last to take a shower, and when I hopped in bed… Somps started snoring heaps loud too!! LOL. Oh dear.. I woke up every hour of that night, it was way too noisy XD

On day 2, we woke up to have our Breakfast meals at the food court, which was included in our package. Instead of the usual “all-you-can-eat”, it was a “you-can-only-get-an-allocated-amount”. However, MZ and I weren’t aware that you’re suppose to go to the cashier after we’ve grabbed the food, so they can tick off what food you’ve already got. We grabbed our food, and walked right passed it! We didn’t realise until we sat back at our breakfast table and the other guys wondered why we got free food. XD

The food was so-so, but it’s not like I expected anything more. It’s just the usual Aussie breakfast. Food is good. Both Somps’ and my stomach were grumbling all night, haha.




For me, day 2 was the highlight. With Jacky’s help, I was able to ski down the mountains!!! :D :D :D yayayayayaya… It was my first time going up the ski lifts too!  Jacky, Mark, Somps and I decided to go up together, but because I’ve never been on one before, I didn’t know what to expect. I got my timing wrong and when we were suppose to hop on the chairs, I was too slow and my leg got caught ^^;  Guess I was on the next lift behind them. It was sooo exciting!  It felt like I was on a ride in an amusement park!  I admit I was a bit scared too being quite high up, but this little girl sitting next to me said “Don’t worry you don’t have to be scared it’s not scary.”

When I finally reached the top, we were suppose to hop off the moving chair and ski forward as quickly as possible. Again, I missed the timing, was too slow to jump off- the chair bumped me off and end up falling over and sliding on the snow XD Damn. lol Nevertheless… I’m up here!!!! YAAAY We had to get a picture to mark this moment.


The first time Mark and I got off the chair lifts at the top

We slowly skied down together, and after about an hour we made it to the bottom XD!!  I couldn’t wait to go again.. after a few more attempts (and many stacks), I managed to skiied down the mountain on my own twice without stacking it at all!! My skiing is still very very dodgy, but it was a personal achievement- I was so happy ^.^ It was all thanks to Jacky teaching me :D

Finally, we built our snowman!’s kinda a man. It was intended to be a snowman, then a penguin, then a tower and then a weird man in the end.. lol At this time, it was almost 5pm, the sun was going and it was getting REALLY cold. My hands were frozen and I just couldn’t wear these drenched gloves anymore… so I went around taking some pics. The snow didn’t feel as nice as the ones we saw in Smigging Holes though.

Building snowman

Team effort


Jacky and Snowman-tower, thingy..

Later that night, we had dinner at the food court. The food was okay, but the soup taste the best!


On the Sunday morning of our final ski day, we got up extra early in hopes to get a much better car parking spot. We succeeded alright! For the first time all 6 of us got up the lifts and met together for a proper picture :D So glad we did because not too long after the weather started to change.

Group shot together somewhere up the mountain

It was super-super windy and there were plenty of clouds coming our way.


Me somewhere on the slope of the mountain, weather a bit gloomy

After skiing down once or twice, it started to rain. It was extremely windy and wet so after skiing down the mountain 3 times, Somps and I went back inside  to dry ourselves up. At first the ski lift queue was really long, but not long after it started raining many people just left. It was quite dangerous skiing in that weather since it was hard to tell how flat/steep the slope was.  After a while, Jacky and Burpy joined us. Mark was still out in the rain- he didn’t let it affect him as he was still very much excited and taking advantage of the close-to-no chair lift queue. MZ was also out doing more skiing and recording footages. Apparently it started to hail too! No snow falling though. We left relatively early at about 2-3ish pm back to our cabins. We spent the evening playing poker, cards, watching Australian Idol and ordered pizza for dinner.

I also txted to MX Overheard section, and saw it in the papers today (2 days later)

MX Overheard

Guy = MZ
Daughter= Somps


On our drive home on Monday, we stopped by Maccas for lunch and the Big Merino was nearby. And yeah, there’s MZ having some fun.

All in all- it was quite a memorable trip..and thus this extra long blog entry!
We should do this again one day ^____^

12 Responses to “Ski Trip 2009”

  1. Jacky says:

    wow nice, u covered pretty much everything. As your instructor, im very proud of u for learning to ski!

    Lol that mx overheard is quite funny too, i remember the racoon, it did look like a bee!

    The trip was so fun, hope we can all go again =)

  2. Malavika says:

    Woooooooow that’s your biggest blog entry ever! It sounds like awesome fun! Glad you learnt to ski!

    The funniest part was MZ and his sleeping business! I literally laughed out loud!

  3. Somps says:

    Wow it is a long entry but needed to capture all the memories. :D
    Sorry for the snoring and keeping you awake ^_^;. At least I did warn you before hand. :P

    • Chibi says:

      lol, it was all part of the experience XD XD You can’t do much to stop snoring AT least we didn’t have any issues with the blankets. haha

  4. Mark says:

    so glad didn’t take lessons, made learning to ski so much more satisfying. I’m also very proud of you Jen. I thought you were going to stay sitting in the snow most of the time in day 1 but we made it to the bottom of the mountain in day 2! So happy~

    ..I can’t see anything wrong with that pic.. hm… :}

    • Chibi says:

      hehee yup :} *Hi-5*

      And..I’ll give you a clue..look at the curtain behind MZ ^_^;

      • Malavika says:

        There’s no window there?

      • Chibi says:

        ahah..yeah you’re on the right track. You can’t really see a window because I merged two photos together to include Jacky in it (it didn’t fit in one photo)

        If you look closely, the blanket/sheets don’t really match up exactly either, hehe.