Rock Climbing Adventures

8th June 2009 at 1:29 am

Dear Chibi,

I’m feeling really sore right now.. every muscle in my body aches! ahaha… Yeah, I’m sleepy too but I feel like writing this up first ^_^
Today was a blast! Jacky, Burpy, Somps and I went to St Leonards for Rock Climbing at “Climb Fit” :D Who suggested it..? Me! muahaha… weird huh, coming from someone who can’t climb and is afraid of heights ^_^;; Originally Jacky and I wanted to go to the Blue Mountains for some bush walking, but the weather forecast over at Katoomba was rain and possible thunderstorms! …XD We shall go next time!

The last and first time I went indoor rock climbing was when I was in year 6. I remember I didn’t climb very high.. maybe about 2 metres and I gave up cause my arms/legs were not long enough to reach for the next rock. lol… But even from that little experience, there was something about rock-climbing that was really enjoyable. I told myself it was a lot of fun.. and I remember that till this day :) The idea of having a go at it now was quite attractive, ehehe.

We met up around 12.30pm, got our harnesses, and ourselves ready for the climbs!


We worked in pairs as one needs to do the belaying while the other one climbs. At first the 4 of us were given a quick little lesson on how to get everything to work…The climb was quite demanding and I’m only talking about the “easy” climbs (i.e my beginners level XD). First of all, there’s the actual climbing itself, my hands went all sweaty, my arms were weak and I couldn’t hold up myself for very long. My main challenge though had to be overcoming my fear of heights. I tested this at the kids wall. The rocks itself were made in a way that was easy to grip and hold onto, and the rock surface was easy to stand on. It was pretty consistent all the way to the top. However, when I only reached 3/4 up, I gave up, because in my head, I knew I was high up (even though I didn’t look down).. and by the time I got up there, I felt like I had no more energy to finish it. When I really think about it, my nervousness just took over me, and somehow convinced myself I had no more energy left. Excuses, excuses!

Despite all that…childhood Jen didn’t lie to me! It was still really fun and I really enjoyed it ^_^ Not sure about the little kiddies who were next to me though.. they found it too easy =p ahaha.


Here’s Jacky on the top ^_____^ So pro~ I was his belaying partner down the bottom.


Somps has no fears, cause harness is here :D Burpy did her belaying stuff.


Meeee…… and my greatest achievement for the day! ahaha. I was actually higher up, but then turned around for this photo when I was sliding down ^^; (This is not the kids wall! lol)


Burpy likes a challenge ^_^


The GREATEST TEAM EFFORT! This one proved to be a challenge, especially for Somps.. but they did it! They eventually got to the top helping each other. Burpy and I were belaying them below.  Oww, our shoulders kill now!


Rope climbing..

Afterwards Jacky drove us to Chatswood to have late lunch/early dinner :) It end up being this place with a cow logo… same one as “The Laughing Cow” LOL!! It was so funny that Burpy pointed that out.. it was exactly the same cow, minus the earrings, lol.




After dinner we all went back to Jacky’s place and spent the night playing Guitar Hero and this other..excessively cute Japanese drumming game XD Very amusing!! Jacky and Burpy were both very very competitive, especially in the latter game and we went up leaving almost 12am! XD It wasn’t too bad since it’s a Sunday and it’s a long weekend! yay! Free day tomorrow… rest up ^^;

Happy times :D

P.S A little while ago I accidentally deleted around 20 comments left on this blog, so if you previously left a comment and don’t see it now..that’s why =( Sorry!

6 Responses to “Rock Climbing Adventures”

  1. Jacky says:

    Yesterday was simply….Rocking!

    Rock climbing rocked, guitar hero rocked, taiko no tatsujin….rocked. lol

  2. Somps says:

    My muscles are absolutely aching too. Had heaps of fun. ^_^

  3. Ray says:

    oh wow! great achievement chibi! It’s not something we would have expected from you ^__^ Haha.. remember walking along those rocks at the fishing place. Haha… Anyhoos, go Chibi & team~!!