Little Daily Things

22nd May 2009 at 8:44 pm

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday I officially turned 22. I feel 22 now, so that sounds about right! Thank you for all those Birthday wishes :)

Jacky took me out for a lovely dinner at Cockle Bay Wharf, which is also close to the Star City Casino! It seems I haven’t given up on it yet.. I wanted to use my free $10 credit (new membership $) and get additional $10 credit since it was my Birthday :) I was pleasantly surprised to also receive a voucher for a free meal at Garden Buffet- but we were both really really full then, and it went to waste since it’s only valid on the day. Still, these little things make me smile :) Oh, and the man said I looked 16, thanks :)

We end up spending the $20 credit at the pokie machine XD No thought, nor much skill- but that’s fine with us…cause, we’re not hardcore gamblers or anything like that! We were a little amused, got a bit excited when gold coins came of the machine, were a little quiet when nothing was happening.. and used the line ‘better than nothing’ when we got about 4 credit points or whatever XD In the end, we gained $11- though technically we lost $9 from the original but who cares! LOL It’s enough to buy a return ticket ^^; After experiencing my first time gambling at the Casino, I think I’m in love with this place and will be back for MORE MORE MORE!!! Nah, only joking, of course. I think it’s just silly throwing money away like that! I would never waste my own money at the Casino, it is an evol place…. (unless you get freebies XD) heheheee…

Today my company awarded me with a $50 prepaid visa Gift Card :D Belated birthday pressi perhaps? I’ll take credit where it’s due and say it was for my good work, hehehee :) My birthday present can be the Mac Pro my company got for me :D Right now it’s sitting in a big box behind my manager waiting for someone to set it up…and it’s gonna have CS4, woot! But you know, the more goodies you get, the more goodies they expect to squeeze out of you! Go on Jen, make good things :]

Two days ago, I spent a day doing a course on ‘Javascript for the Web‘ as part of my training. It was quite an interesting experience studying for a day in the middle of the working week. It felt like I was back in uni in one of my tutorials, except there were only two other students apart from myself. The content covered was fairly basic so it was pretty relaxing- I learnt a few things here and there, though I wish it was a little harder. I like learning! I’m not a bludger… not in this case at least! XD XD XD It’s tricky when the other two have no knowledge of html, css, or javascript at all though @.@ One guy was struggling the whole way, poor guy- never even touched Dreamweaver.

I’ve also been booked to do an Adobe Illustrator course next month, so I’m looking forward to that too (since that should be challenging!) I hope by the end of the course I would start being more fond of the program.. I want to like it more :) We’ll have to see how that goes!

Oh, and today’s Daddy’s birthday! I think I’ll just give the $50 Gift Card for his pressi since I didn’t have time to get him anything.. can’t go wrong with money, right? ^_^

And phew, what a long blog entry- makes me wonder if anyone would want to read all that, but hey- it’s important to me :)

3 Responses to “Little Daily Things”

  1. Jacky says:

    lol the pokies was awsome! i could seriously sit there playing all day….providing the casino is giving me free credits

  2. Marcus says:

    There’s no need to worry about me getting addicted to gambling, because:
    1: I don’t like luck games.
    2. I don’t know how to gamble.

  3. Chibi says:

    @Jacky: lol.. it’s only awesome cause of free credits so there’s nothing to lose and only to gain XD

    @M12: That’s good! Though it could easily be taught.. XD We’ll teach you mahjong one day :)