Port Stephens and the Sandy Adventure

13th April 2009 at 2:54 pm

Dear Chibi,

Jacky and I spent our long weekend up at Port Stephens :D It was my first and his third time there, and despite a worrying rainy outlook, it didn’t rain at all =D yaaaaayy!



Anna Bay was soooooo prettyyy..





The large area of sand at the beach.. Looks like a desert XD There were people riding on camels!


We went Sand boarding the following day and man.. IT WAS SO SCARY XD XD XD XD XD
Jacky obviously didn’t think so.. but I fear many things, and heights is one of them! lol Jacky was more than keen to slide down that slope standing up (but the guy didn’t let him cause insurance doesn’t cover it! ahaha)


So..as you probably guessed, I was a chicken and it took me forever to actually start sliding. XD Even after sitting down, I backed out and decided to try the mini slide first. It’s kinda embarrassing cause you see all these little kids going “WHHHHHEEEEE” without any fear! After sliding down the mini, I built up the courage to go for the biggy! Jacky kept reassuring me that it’s not scary and that you can’t really hurt yourself because it’s just sand. So in my head, I continuously said “It’s just sand..it’s just sand..”


“It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s just sand.It’s jjjjuuusstt saaannnd ITSSSS JUSSSSTTTT SAAAANNNNNNND OOOOOMMMMMGGGGG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”


yay? I MADE IT! Like skiing, it just went faster and faster!! The speed was crazy, but I made it! It was incredible :D


Afterwards we went to Nelson Bay to go on a cruise to go see Dolphins, sadly (and quite dodgeyly) we barely saw any! XD  We saw 2 or 3.. but only the top of the fin (which looks more like a shark to me than a dophin XD) We saw a penguin in the middle of the ocead, and some “dots” which is supposedly more dolphins. haha…

Overall it was good fun :D Some scary moments but worth it in the end ^_^

8 Responses to “Port Stephens and the Sandy Adventure”

  1. Jacky says:

    Now you can talk like those ppl in the biggest loser “I feel like ive conquered everything, its just so emotional” hehehe, fun trip!

  2. M12 says:

    Sounds like an awesome time :D. My bro’s been to Port Stephens once, too.

  3. Somps says:

    Hehe looks like you guys had fun. A few of my friends and I went there after year 12 but we were too poor to do much else besides beaching lol. Sliding down the sand and dolphin watching would be awesome. :D

  4. Kaz says:

    hahah looks like a great place for a trip!

    Sandboarding really reminds me of Sand Tobogganing! Except for Sand Tobogganing you can’t really slow down/stop XD

  5. Ray says:

    The place looks beautiful. Glad you had a great Easter.

    Now you’ve tried snow and sand, it’s now for water =)

  6. Chibi says:

    @Jacky: haha yea, good fun.

    @M12: Yeh, you should try one day :D

    @Somps: Oh..year 12- that’s almost 5 years ago! Yeh, we’re limited when we don’t work XD

    @Kaz: I wonder which is more scary Sand Tobogganing or Sand boarding..?

    @Ray: Thanks ^_^ Water..sounds a bit..freaky..too…lol. (By the way, I’ve tried grass, too =p)

  7. Malavika says:

    Sounds like a fun trip! The sand sliding looks mind blowing! Hahaha that’s soo funny! “It’s just sand it’s just sand…” You poor thing!

  8. chibi says:

    @Mal: lol… It was scary! I bet you’d be chanting the same thing if you went! hahah!