Zen Oasis Trip & Bushwalking!

5th April 2009 at 8:55 am

Dear Chibi,

Jacky organised for the group of us to head down(?) to Berrima for a Vegetarian buffet at Zen Oasis– a vegetarian garden restaurant ! It was fabulous!  We left Jacky’s place around 10.20am and got there exactly at 11.30am in time for the meal =D It looked like it was in the middle of no-where, it was just this one restaurant in the middle of the bush! That made it really awesome though :3 haha.

When we first went in, the guy said to Jacky “Please pay at the counter, and the rest of your family may be seated at the table” lol, the family comment sparked quite  a lot of jokes for the day. This is now our  “family”, which we agreed is an Asian one XD

Jacky- Dad
Chibi- Mum
Burpy – Oldest Son
Flora (older) & Emily – Twins
MZ- 4th Child
Ray- 12 year Old Son, the youngest.
Somps- Chibi’s older sister (their Aunty)
M12- Jacky’s older brother (their Uncle)

Halil + Matty – Our “family friends” LOL. We concluded they were  a bit more distant  (non-Asians, lol), and only occasionally turn up to functions XD




My first plate :3 Lots of tofu and bean curd skin stuff there! I’m always fascinated by the “fake” meat ^^;



Group shot before we left, the waitresses there were all very polite, good service I say~

Now outside we go!


Guys on the rocks outside Zen Oasis


Girls next to the rocks, what a cute little trail around it.

We set off to Fitzroy Fall for the 3.4km bush walk :D The weather was lovely! No rain all day despite forecasts and it felt like an adventure XD Yes, I was very excited since it was our first time going bush walking together. Emily said she’d love to do this again, even though she wore heals, teehee!


Our first Lookout





When we finished the walk, it was already approaching 6pm- we hopped back into the car and  decided to hang out at MZ’s place again. We played some games and finished off with dinner with pizza. Thanks for having us over again, and to Jacky who planned the trip :D Fun times.

6 Responses to “Zen Oasis Trip & Bushwalking!”

  1. Somps says:

    Awww looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Aye… another one I’ve missed. v.v

  2. Somps says:

    And oh hehe, I do often think of you as my little sister lol

  3. Chibi says:

    Yeah, what a shame you missed out!
    And yeh, you go sis XD

  4. Malavika says:

    Awww one big happy family! You go mother! Looks like an amazing place! We should do this some time with our HS group!

  5. Ray says:

    You put the F in FUN!!!
    Thanks to Jacky for organising.

  6. Chibi says:

    @Mal: Yeah, you should check it out sometime, I’m sure you’ll love it ^^ P.S Mum sounds really oooolld =p

    @Ray: Fun indeed ^^