Fairy and Swordsman ~ 3 Years

17th January 2009 at 10:55 am

Dear Chibi,

Just realised today marks [Fairy and Swordsman]’s 3rd year anniversary.  aww :3
I really should give it a new layout sometime too.

I really want to make a new fansite too, except I have no topics in mind that I’m really passionate about. I feel like I haven’t built a website in quite sometime, I’m kinda mising it. It’s different making it for a living, my true passion lies in making my own stuff that’s mine in the end. hmmm.. it’s 12pm now..I better eat some breakfast! XD

2 Responses to “Fairy and Swordsman ~ 3 Years”

  1. Ray says:

    Make one on those dolls. You know, that book you bought!

  2. chibi says:

    lol, I should umm.. actually MAKE one of those before making a site XD