Kazzy’s Graduation

10th October 2008 at 7:54 pm


Dear Chibi,

wheeeee… now all of 3 of us has graduated! =D Kazzy’s graduation took place yesterday, and boy did it remind me of my graduation XD I helped take lots and lots of pictures, and the scary thing was, when I looked back at some of the photos, I thought Kerry was me ^^;; Do we look alike or not?? haha.. I can’t make up my mind. Sometimes I think we look really different, but then theres just some..angles… that has striking resemblance.  Everyone thinks we’re identical twins, but we’re not and t’is a fact.

The day turned out pretty well, the weather was nice and many people came to celebrate with her ^_^ In no time it looked like Kazzy had a farm or something (with lack of better word for a place where bears are kept XD)

I mean, really, check out this picture:


Oh no, my bear is covered ;_;

XD As we approached the evening, Kat joined us and the whole family went in to attend the ceremony. Surprisingly, Kazzy got called up on stage pretty early on, which only meant the remaining 2 hrs or so felt even longer. I was bored to tears..hahaa.. and Kat was commenting on everyones’s heals on stage. Mum would be commenting everytime a ‘Jennifer’ or ‘Mark’ got called up on stage, and Dad would always be asking ‘Are those Doctors?’ XD

After the ceremony, we had some refreshments, took portrait photos, had dinner and headed home. ahh..very long day.. by the end of it I felt like I was dead- but then it’s the reason for my extremely good sleep last night ^_^

3 Responses to “Kazzy’s Graduation”

  1. Jacky says:

    Kerry does look alot like u in the gown haha. maybe its because dont see both of you’s wearing the same thing very often if not at all =P

  2. Malavika says:

    You’re twins. Even though not identical you’ll obviously have resemblences! Ah I can’t wait to graduate!!

  3. Kaz says:

    Thanks for the bear chibi =3 and for taking photos. and everything XD

    I felt dead at the end of the night too~ except I couldn’t sleep properly XD