3rd August 2008 at 10:44 am

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday Jacky, Markos and I attended SMASH! 2008, it’s second time running so we expected it to be bigger and better than the last. Bigger? Yes. Better? Not..sure…? This year was a lot more crowded, with more people dressed up, and more people cosplaying. However, I’m not sure the quality is there as much as the quantity. This is not to say all the cosplays were bad, there’s always going to be some good ones, (as there will always be certain characters cosplayed every year, like from Chobits and Kingdom Hearts for example). There appears to be less stores, less food stores (or am I imagining things?), less games, less dolls in the dolls collection and less…panels? I may be wrong but that’s what I felt, anyway.

Now, onto the events!

Does anyone remember this?

It’s the SMASH o8 Traveling Artist Book which Jacky and I drew in at Althea’s party earlier this year. It was finally being auctioned at the convention and was bought by a Cloud cosplayer for $205! Not bad =)

One of the highlights of this convention was a visit from a Special Guest Hidenobu Kiuchi, the first Japanese Seiyuu (voice actor) to attend an anime convention in Australia! He was best known for his role as Oshitari Yuushi (Prince of Tennis) and Ryohei Sasagawa (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)- however, I knew him as Ren Honjo from the awesome NANA.

He arrived on stage speaking in Japanese and had a female translator with him. It was all good and dandy until the translating took a while to happen. I mean, why not just let the female translator do the talking, instead of her telling the MC what Kiuchi was saying, and then letting the MC do the talking? That was a bit strange. But wasn’t too….bad, I guess. Then there was the live dubbing part which was amusing, but I was a bit disappointed they chose a not-so-exciting scene from Gunslinger Girl- and they showed it three times o_o. Other than that, I really enjoyed watching Kiuchi do the live dubbing and he was pretty funny at times (the audience was funny too with the “Onniiiichan!” imitation XD) After that was the autograph session and I got his signature, yay. It says ‘To chibi-san’ on them, lol.

^ Notice the badges? XD


^Jacky helped me get this signed. Thank Kyu!


We couldn’t take any photographs of him though since it wasn’t allowed. Oh wells. He was a nice and friendly guy.


yay, the Silver Harmony stall! It’s so awesome they cosplayed too. The Artist Circle was good as usual- I also saw Peggy who made some really cute handmade knitted stuff X3 Ooohh… the Totoro scarf. Was tempted to buy, hehee. Good job here.

Now onto some..not-so good. The Maid Cafe was something a little hyped. You’d think it’s a really friendly place with pretty maids and yummy cute food to snack on. I would have liked to post up a picture of the cafe, but nope- I don’t have one. Why? Jacky and I walked through the door to have a quick look at the place before we were leaving- but a ‘maid’ comes to us and says ‘2?’ We told her we were just having a quick little look. What does she do? She had such an attitude problem, and totally ruined the whole image that maids were FRIENDLY and CUTE. TOTALLY. She was just unfriendly, and need I say, UNCUTE. Yes, Chibi is unpleased by the general attitude by some people at the convention >.>; That’s what really spoiled it. We had people throughout the day pushing and shoving passed without a simple ‘excuse me’- what happened to manners?


Now finally onto the Cosplay Competition.. This I must say, was the most disappointing aspect of this year’s SMASH! First mistake, bad MC. It really ruined the event as she couldn’t keep the audience entertained by boring us with the exact same words ‘this is impressive’ ‘awesome costume!’ and the dull question ‘How long did it take you to make?’ I was not surprised by the fact, within a few minutes into this main event, that people got up to leave. This is the first time I couldn’t sit through the whole event, and just left, too… sorry, I tried, really.

And not to just blame the MC, she probably tried- but was just lacking experience in this area. I would have much preferred last years MC who was really good. .. what happened to him?

What added to the dullness of the event was that..some skits were just way too long and uninteresting. They made jokes, which no one laughed and just talked on and on and people just lost interest. Quality, people! At first I wanted to see skits, but after seeing some of them, I lost hope. I won’t mention which ones…

There was generic music playing in the background as a loop during the competition. Why not put on the themesongs for the titles? And some music was put on way too low during some dancing skit..too.

Finally, as a result of the poor put-together show, the spirit just wasn’t there. The audience were continuously told by the MC to clap more. We knew it, they knew it- it didn’t work very well.

Having said all that, some costumes were put together well, but just in general the quality and quantity wasn’t there. Last year we stayed till the end, this year we weren’t interested enough to find out who the winners were.

I really hoped SMASH09 will learn from its lesson this year- after yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I’d be attending SMASH 09. Unless, there’s going to be another awesome Japanese Seiyuu attending XD *fingers crossed*

3 Responses to “SMASH! 08”

  1. Kaz says:

    ooo…i see…sounds a bit disappointing.

    I still would have liked to check it out though..havent been to an anime convention for a while now…

    no pics of inside the Artist Book? =)

  2. Chibi says:

    A few pics of the SMASH Book can be found here:

  3. Ray says:

    I agree with you in most circumstances. Hopefully SMASH 09 will be better.