addicted to starBOOK

11th July 2008 at 8:48 pm

Dear Chibi,

I’ve pretty much lost interest in Facebook for the past few months or so- and really only use it to upload photos and see other pics. However.. just the other day, I added a Starcraft application- Starbook!! It’s soo..addictive…. X3 It reminds me of earth 2025- an older game I use to also enjoy playing. The only problem with these games is that you constantly have to come back to collect your goods (every few hours?) and make sure your opponents don’t come and steal your loots XD Well, that’s what makes it addictive in the first place. lol I’m happy it’s keeping me entertained for the time being, but I’d be pulling my hair out when I don’t logon for a day and find I haven’t used the ‘energy’ allocated and ‘wasted’ resources…lol… I hope I don’t sound crazy.


It’s funny looking at these promotional pictures. If I had never played Starcraft as a kid, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t play it now (if someone told me to) Where’s the appeal?? hahaa.. where’s the female appeal? ^_^

Oh, did I mention I think marines look cute? XD

2 Responses to “addicted to starBOOK”

  1. Ray says:

    Erh… I don’t think that application is good for the mind, even though I love Starcraft.

  2. Vatina says:

    Lol, I know what you mean. I probably wouldn’t touch Starcraft either nowadays, if I hadn’t tried it already years ago…
    (is a girl too, btw)

    Anyway, sounds like a dangerous mini-game to start playing :P