Don’t like the eyes.

19th March 2008 at 8:55 am

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday after work, Jacky, Oyster-san and I had dinner at Ramen Kan just for a bit of catching up and all.
Afterwards we went to see “The Eye” and I must say it was a lot creepier than I thought it would be.

What a terrible movie! It was predictable throughout- the same thing kept happening for about an hour.. yet, it scared chibi every time! Oh wait.. doesn’t that say something about me rather than the movie…? *looks around* I rate it around 2/5…2 is for scaring me (but that doesn’t mean much cause I get freaked out by anything, really). I would say the level of freakiness is about the same as when I watched “Dark Water” with my uni buddies a few years back- so I guess no one other than me actually found this scary… Jacky and Oyster-san was giggling at me >_< Apparently I skipped the freakiest part of the movie cause I was too scared and just covered my eyes for a while, lol. No more "horror"! It was a little difficult getting through the night (even this morning)- when parts of the movie kept popping up in my head. But then I knew who I'd rather be thinking about and that made it easier =) Now- disappear! Now I can move on.... I hope. ^^;

2 Responses to “Don’t like the eyes.”

  1. M12 says:

    Did that scare you :)?

  2. Ray says:

    Good to hear that you’re fighting your fears.