Game, Movie and Gamble

10th March 2008 at 8:56 am

Dear Chibi,

On Saturday Jacky came over and played the Wii with my bro, and I shortly joined them in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. That was so awesome ^^ I liked the trampoline one best, although I’m much inferior to both of them in most games (especially the shooting one, omg I can’t aim! XD) I think I’ll get the hang of it once I play more though.

Afterwards Mr Vacuum Cleaner came along to make my computer all nice and pretty =D I’ll be sure to get him to come again, cause he did a pretty good job. 5/5

In the evening, we went to have dinner at Burwood before driving to the city to watch CJ7, written, produced and directed by Stephen Chow. It was very cute.. very very cute, so much that I was squealing half the time X3 I think it’s a bit much- perhaps even an overkill with cuteness, ahaha. Some parts were quite funny, but as a whole I think his previous films were better. The film was a bit short and I would have liked to see Stephen Chow more on screen. Still enjoyable.

Yesterday I headed to his place for a good day of mahjong! It’s actually my first time playing it at his place, but it didn’t affect my winning luck and skill =p Also to join the table were Somps and MZ, who were both rather curious and new to the game. It wasn’t MZ’s first time though, I tried teaching him last Xmas when he came to my place, but because of my bro (and his JAPANESE mahjong rules)- it got rather confusing for him, so he was still a bit lost at the end of it. I feel guilty for the lack of assistance given to him, so here’s a start over! Playing mahjong does require quite a lot of practice and time to get use to- especially remembering what to actually say and knowing what those Chinese characters mean. Both MZ and Somps can’t read Chinese, so we started off with the basic numbers 1-9.

I’m amazed. Somps is a realllly quick learner! MZ doesn’t mind being owned by Somps XD To make it more even, Jacky and I played with ‘minimum fan of 3 points’ and the other two can play ‘Chicken rule‘- Somps won like.. 4 times in a row or something- we should make her play our rules! lol. MZ is getting there! He was just distracted cause he knew someone was at home waiting for him in his room…sleeping ^^;
It was a lot of fun ^_^ Let’s do this again sometime!

5 Responses to “Game, Movie and Gamble”

  1. Ray says:

    CJ7 ^_^.. one movie I’m interested in, but probably will never watch =P
    Was the 3D a bit out of place?

    And oooooOOOoooo ^^ who’s this person waiting for MZ? hehe…

  2. Maki says:

    Somps makes me go “…” she has to play our rules next time!

  3. Somps says:

    Yay! It was fun. :) Thanks for teaching me. Bring on your other rules… I’m sure when I get the hang of it, I’ll own you all then too. :P

  4. chibi says:

    @Ray: Nope, I don\’t think the 3d looked out of place. and,\’ll have to ask MZ about that- he may like to keep the person confidential ^^;

    @Maki: Agreed. lol..

    @Somps: haha..yup, we should play again sometime. You\’re a quick learner!

  5. satsuki says:

    CJ7~ the little 3D alien is very cute :)