The Japanese Experience. Final

3rd March 2008 at 9:55 pm

Dear Chibi,

I’ve reached Part 3 of the Japan Experience! There’s really only 2 more places I want to blog about, one being Tokyo’s Disneyland =) Previously I’ve only been to the one in Hong Kong and thought it was a bit small but still good. This one is MASSIVE. We spent a whole day there and still couldn’t get around to all 7 lands. There were a lot of people that day too and it wasn’t a weekend or any special day. According to the tour guide, it’s only 1/4 amount of the usual.


In total, we went on about 10 rides/shows which I thought were mostly very amusing. I loved Fantasyland..Peter Pan’s Flight was magical! OMG I feel like I’m in a dream- flying over London’s night city on a boat. I can’t put any rides properly into words.. you just have to experience it for yourself! It’s also hard (or impossible) to take pictures while on the rides too.


Snow White & Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty & Prince Charming, Bell and..Prince Charming XD I think they have names @.@ lol.

I loved all the princesses anyway, so preeetty @.@

buzz.jpg balloons.jpg

dance.jpg dance2.jpg

I liked the performances too. They’re quite..good.. @.@

And of course we can’t leave Disneyland without pics of the mascots/characters! In HK Disneyland I didn’t get a chance to see the “people”. I must say they’re so awesome, lol.


Cinderella and Prince Charming. They speak reeeaaallly slowly in English ^^ They look almost plastic! ahaha. That is so cool.
“Hello Mr Prince!”
“Hello young lady how are you today?”

teehee. I like how he grins.

Alice! It must be the blue contacts cause woah..her eyes are like.. mezmermising! XD

“Hello Alice!”
“Oh! Where are yooouu from?”
*blinks* “Oh wow! You’re from Austraaallia!”

Man, this Alice seems so in-character it amazes me. After we took pics, we extended our arms out for a hand shake, and I accidentally shocked her ^^;;

My reaction: ow~ *slightly jump*
Her reaction:

*blinks twice* “Oh, my” *giggles* Isn’t that funny? *giggles* (in a really cute voice too >< )


Donald Duck. Cute and short X3


The star of the day. I felt bad for all those other misc characters no one seemed to wanna hang with ^^; We took pics with the randoms too cause we felt sorry for them.

He looks kinda creepy ^^;


..And.. that’s goodbye to Disneyland.. ;_; I had a great time.

On the final day we visited a Japanese shrine! It’s beautiful =)



Possibly the only picture we took of Japanese school girls. They got really excited upon seeing us and all yelled out “NI HAO!!” very enthusiastically ^^;;


We drank water from this pond which purifies the soul.


All sorts of Luck Charms


Me testing my luck/fortune… I end up getting stick no.11. BEST FORTUNE.

“You can get both treasure and dignity. Your family business will be really prosperous. Your skill will extremely develop and will be well-known to the people even in the capital. Shooting arrows to the sky brings you big game. You are happy as mentioned above, you can also get help and assistance of gods.

Your wishes will be realised. A sick person will recover. The lost article will be found. The person you are waiting for will come. Building and removal are good. Making a trip is all right. Marriage and employment are all good.”

Wow. I’ve never heard such good fortune before ^_^; Oh wells, I’m not complaining, it makes me happy =) Kazzy on the other hand happened to get the “WORSE FORTUNE” ~.~ Essentially it’s everything mentioned above but the opposite. She got pretty paranoid after reading it too. There’s only 8 out of the hundred sticks that is really bad.




And some Cherry Blossoms…

This trip was definitely a lot of fun and seeing bits of anime come to life is a pretty cool experience =) The culture is interesting, and it’s fun to use some basic conversational Japanese learnt from High School and anime XD I would love to come back here sometime in the future and visit more cities! Going with a tour has its pros and cons, there’s always limitations on what and how much you get to see. There’s still quite a bit of quirky bits and funny stories about Japan which I may or may not end up talking about in person~ who knows? Maybe I’ll randomly share, hehee.

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  1. Ray says:

    Disney Land ^_^

  2. M12 says:

    Awesome photos. Sounds like an awesome time =D…