The Japanese Experience Part 2

29th February 2008 at 11:47 am

Dear Chibi,

After the FujiQ Amusement park, we travelled to the hotel where we were staying for the night. I liked this location, you can see Fujisan on the other side of the lake. Some of us dressed in a yukata (provided by the hotel) while we had dinner and wandered around the building. It’s quite a heated building so it was okay to wear XD That night there was also firework displays we could see outside our room window! It ran for about 30 minutes, and Kazzy was all excited and snapping pictures away.. (took too many, lol) Two which stood out most was a STAR shaped display, and yes.. a SMILEY face one! aww..the smiling face one was soo cool… but Kazzy missed it ;_; We weren’t exactly expecting one of those!

yukata.jpg fireworks.jpg

Along with the yukatas, there was of course, hot spring baths! That was pretty relaxing… pictures from there XP


Mt Fuji the next morning outside the hotel. Looky! No clouds covering its peak!~

Next we went up Mt Fuji’s skii resort o.o Ok, that’s just beyond freezing, hahahaa… *cough* At this point I was feeling a bit unwell. The problem with Japan’s temperature is that it’s reaally really cold outside (so we wear a lot), yet, really really hot inside buildings. It feels like I’ve been turned into an icecube, and then upon entering the buildings, we break into pieces XD We went up there to the snows for a few hours, but didn’t ski or anything. Didn’t..feel like it XD

Next was lunch! This was quite nice too…


Our next destination was SANRIO PUROLAND (aka Hello Kitty Land) It was pretty cute-as expected, and very pink!


Hello Kitty’s House

hk_goodies.jpg hk_wall.jpg

hk_tv.jpg hk_perform.jpg

sanrio2.jpg sanrio3.jpg

sanrio4.jpg sanrio5.jpg

And the mascots- managed to catch a few of them. To be honest I don’t really know a lot of the Sanrio character names ^^; But I can’t resist taking pictures with them, teehee. I mean look at this bear..just look at her losty face…kawaii…. X3

bear1.jpg bear2.jpg

And of course, who can forget Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel?
After all the cutesy cutesy, we headed to Ginza, Tokyo to wander around the city.
ff.jpg totoro.jpg

Wow.. Aeris looks so pretty! 4000 yen..hmm.. hehee, and its Totoro with Mei-chan ^.^ It looks small here, bit he’s actually quite big.

L, Change the World- the movie in cinemas everywhere. wowy. I saw a lot of trailers for this and promotional images in both Japan and Hong Kong.

ct2.jpg ct3.jpg


And to finish off this post, some night city pictures of Tokyo.

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  1. M12 says:

    No one sleeps in Tokyo~ All night crossing the line~ No one quit the radio~ Tokyo is on fire~~

    *Waits to see if anyone gets it ;)*

  2. Ray says:

    “just look at her losty face”