The Japanese Experience

27th February 2008 at 2:30 pm

Dear Chibi,

What does Chibi always look out for when traveling to a new place? The toilets! XD Not so much of where they are, but what they’re like. Sadly, the toilets at the Japan airport weren’t as amazing as the ones in South Korea (the changing toilet seat). They were normal, haha.

tap.jpg dryer.jpg

Here’s the tap where you push down instead of up, and a mini hand dryer.

Of course, the Japanese come up with much more interesting toilets than that. I was very excited to find that the toilets in the hotel are bizarre. I’ve heard about them, but seeing it in action is wacko XD


As you can see above, the Japanese have extra options that go with their toilet =) As Tokyo is a freeeezing place this time of the year (was -2 degrees, max 9) , the seats are all heated~ ahh. hehe. The moment you sit on the seat, water starts filling up inside, and it says “preparation”- it makes you wonder what it’s preparing, lol. Well, once it reaches a certain level it stops. After doing your business, you flush it, of course. But, tis’ not the end! It can wash your butt for you XD Clicking on the extras, a little pipe comes out and starts spraying water- different options for male and female. Then it can also blow dry it for you. Aren’t the Japanese living a great life? You just sit there and everything does the work for you ^^;;; Might I just add I don’t think I wanna touch those options again! hahaha…


During the trip, I also found other interesting toilets. One that particularly grabbed my attention was one that made FAKE FLUSH NOISES! LOL. You can even set the volume… I don’t understand why they would need an extra option to make fake flushing noises, without the toilet flushing. My conclusion was if you wanted to pretend you went to the toilet, and didn’t wanna waste water for flushing nothing ^^; I dunno.


Hot drinks from vending machines.

Have 5 people who want to sit in the same row on a bus? No problem! They have made 5 seaters possible =)

On the first day we visited a place called Palette Town. They have really cute displays ^^

clothingdisplay.jpg fooddisplay.jpg

Not really a fan of cars, but we went to check them out anyway ^^


housedisplay.jpg insidesky.jpg

More cute displays and a fake sky inside the building. Japan has some nice real clouds too…

doraemon.jpg ufocatcher.jpg

Doraemon for M12, teehee and a UFO catcher.

random.jpg animepoker.jpg
Dragon Ball is still very very very popular in Japan.. merchandise everywhere you turn!
Anime poker machines for kids? This one features the anime Kaiji- which is about gambling ^^;


yay!! Cat bus! We sat inside and it’s pretty big too.

A bus stand. I love the lighting XD

ooo.jpg peacedisplay.jpg

Some funny displays spotted! And yeah, peace~ ^^v


Snoopy! Thanks to the Curries we saw who took this pic for us ^^


Outside the BANDAI Store.

Gundams are undoubtedly always going to be popular in Japan.


We spent a day at an Amusement Park. The name of it escaped my mind ^^; I think it was called FujiQ. Looky! There’s Fujisan! We see her everywhere =)

The food is pretty good in Japan =) Strangely enough, we didn’t eat any sushi rolls during the 5 day trip.







More Gundam stuff in the Amusement Park, but Pokemon is still popular.


The Ghost House!
ghosthouse.jpg ghosthouse2.jpg

Kazzy is terrified! It’s an abandoned old hospital…

As we entered, there were 3 Japanese people behind us, 2 girls clinging onto a guy who were all very very terrified. Nothing seems to be popping out or anything, but the trio behind continuously screamed like mad. At first we thought they were being silly and just making noises, but then one of the girls ran out of the first ’emergency exit’ XD I guess it was real then, lol. Soon, we realised that it must be the ‘charms’ protecting my mum and sis taking effect. Before entering the building, we can buy ‘protection charms’, one saying “weakling” and “very weak”- my mum and sis bought one each XD This makes “ghosts” kinda leave you alone ^^;; I didn’t buy any, but through the building, Kazzy kept grabbing onto my arm very tightly.. so that must be the reason it wasn’t scary for me either. ehe..


I conquered every ride!! Ok, not really…lol

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3 Responses to “The Japanese Experience”

  1. M12 says:

    It’s Kitaro =O! And Doraemon =D!! I wanna ride…

  2. Ray says:

    Haha, the toilets are pretty interesting. Now I feel I want to try them!!

    And OMG!!! The japanese stole my idea!! I had the same idea to have a retractable seat between isles. Not fair @_@….

    And hehehe, Palette town. That’s also where Ash from Pokemon begun his pokemon adventure. I see that Chibi is following in the footsteps to become an enthusiastic trainer =)

    One thing to ponder though. I wonder how much power that bus stand consumes?

  3. Emily says:

    Waaaaah!!! So cool!!! Sounds like you had an awesome time.

    Welcome back, first of all!

    And just thought I’d clarify the fake toilet flush – Meeko told us a story of her childhood regarding that. Apparently you use this button to mask out the noise, should you wish to … uh … exhale from behind. Lol!