Althea’s Agharti Party

13th January 2008 at 7:42 am

Dear Chibi,

Last night it was a great pleasure to be invited to Althea’s Agharti ‘Thank You’ Party– a party for those who worked on her honours animation project or encouraged her along the way. It’s kinda funny, since it should be me, thanking her since she gave more than what I probably gave her. She’s awesome and I appreciate it nevertheless =D Anyway..her house is mad, lol.. Jacky and I were simply amazed by how resourceful she is! She had a stack of illustration and artbooks from famous 2D animations, her own animation studio (o.o) and stacks of pens and markers. She has a whole library of them- it shows how passionate she is about animation.

Oh, and sitting next to me while we were looking at the artworks from Howls Moving Castle, was Vivienne To! She did the crazy backgrounds for The Poisoned Rain of Agharti as well as Fiona Darwin. We had a chance to look through folders of Althea’s older works including fanart, fanfics arts etc, and we saw stuff like Dragon Ball and thought ‘woah!’ She really draws a lot.

Since Al is part of the SMASH committee, she happens to be in possession of the 2008 SMASH Traveling Artist Book– where a book is passed around from artist to artist to make their contribution inside whether it’s a doodle, or full-on completed and coloured work. The book is auctioned at SMASH later in the year.


Book Cover

I was excited (and quite happy) to find out that Vivienne also started out drawing characters from SAILOR MOON =D =D =D And yes, you could probably guess I asked Vivienne to draw Sailor Moon inside… and she did!

vivdraw.jpg vivsailor.jpg


Boy is she good. I’m so happy I was able to see her draw it. I was quite surprised to find out that she only started drawing backgrounds not-so-long ago, and mostly did fanarts before that.

And..let’s take a sneak peak inside the book:


Art work by..anonymous. Ignore the unmatching colours, teehee. It’s my phone.



Currently a work-in-progress. Here’s the talented artist:


The bear.

yui.jpg doodle.jpg

Our two cents. Which… you can’t really see properly.

And of course, the party wouldn’t be a party without the FOOD. The food was great… I kinda stuffed myself with it and left no space for dessert, lol.

girls.jpg guysguitar.jpg

It was a great evening, others I met include William, Ray, Lesley, Kaitlyn and Keith- the sound guy ^_^ Apart from the arty stuff, we played some Wii- tennis, bowling and Guitar Heros. Guitar heroes seems most popular (was also most popular at Helen’s place last time)- and obviously Jacky loved the game, haha. He’s pretty good. Bowling was funnily strange.. the three strikes I made were complete accidents when I dropped the ball with NO POWER. noo…ball..come back!! Oh wait..strike. yay.

To conclude the night, we had an unexpected guest greet us!

Mr Cocroach.


It made us all jump from the couches, which left the scene looking like this:


lol. Go Al and her ultimate spraying weapon XD

7 Responses to “Althea’s Agharti Party”

  1. Jacky says:

    Althea, Vivienne + fiona = Amazing!

    If there was only 1 thing im better than them at, its probably bowling…lol

  2. M12 says:


  3. Emily says:

    Wah, the pics look so awesome O.O

  4. Ray says:

    That last photo is SOOO freaky!

  5. Althea says:

    > That last photo is SOOO freaky!

    Uhm… thanks? hahaha

    Well encouragement is always very important when you’re doing a self-propelled project like this and you helped do that. I remember I blogged something about your email reminding me of myself in 3rd year which helped me pull through a slump. And the more the merrier. =D It was fun having you guys there! Thanks for coming!

  6. Althea says:

    and I can’t believe I don’t actually look fat in your photos! =D yay!

  7. Althea says:

    and by the way… the one who did the “welcome to smash” double page spread was Katie Huang (President of SMASH).

    Hahah sorry about the spammage…