Teaching days

11th January 2008 at 7:32 pm

Dear Chibi,

And… today marks the start of another year of teaching at Mono classes.

I can’t believe this is my fourth year teaching here! It’s possibly my last, so I might as well enjoy it like every other year, teehee. It feels like the same procedures all over again, but what’s different are the students. I was a little nervous today preparing for class- a new little connection was going to be made. Thinking back, the classes have gotten better and better each year- better as in- more enjoyable… I wonder if this year would be better than the last? =) It’s probably too early to tell from the first lesson, but it’s good they have a sense of humor too, lol. I like making them laugh.

Each year the student-teacher age gap gets wider and wider, making me feel extremely old, lol.. When I started there in 2005, I was older than the students about 1-2 years.. now the gap is like.. 5 years. Yes, I am knowledgeable and wise. XD At the end of the lesson, as I headed out to my car, I saw my last yr’s class coming out from the room next door (which Kerry took)- it took me one look at them to remember why I enjoyed them so much =) They’re happy, innocent and young, lol. Wish them all the best.

Speaking of teaching.. sometimes I randomly get called in to teach at SAMSUNG college where Kaz works part-time. I tend to get the yr 3s. Horrible yr 3s. lol. A few weeks back when I took a lesson, I noticed this stuck on the wall in the classroom:


Hilarious. lol The Wall bites. ouch.

And finally, the girl I’ve been private tutoring for 2 years. It is possible that the bond is going to end between us. I’ve decided to pass her onto Kaz, seeing as she doesn’t get any income, and I’m working more now. I do feel a little sad- seeing as I’ve taught her every weekend for 24 months, but everything has to end at some point. She hasn’t always been a wonderful obedient kid, but she kinda grows on you overtime. =) Got use to it, hehe.

Now I’m currently working part-time/casual 4 days a week doing graphic/web/flash stuff.

3 Responses to “Teaching days”

  1. Ray says:

    YaY!! Work is the best!!

    P.S: I know how you feel, I was tutoring a boy for a while, but then passed him down to my brother because I got busy too. And think of the end this way, she gets to experience new things =)

  2. chibi says:

    lol, Ray I think you got the wrong idea.. I don’t quite agree with you.. ‘work’ and ‘best’ shouldn’t be in the same sentence, haha.

  3. Edwina says:

    Will miss your unidentified accent which brings much joy to Economics.