the horror of Death Note Movie 1

15th November 2007 at 11:42 pm


Dear Chibi,

O.M.G… The live action Movie for Death Note is.. UNBEARABLE. It is TERRIBLE!!!! It makes Death Note look really really really bad and cheesy >< Do not watch it unless you are, well, prepared ^^; When my bro and Jacky both warned me it was going to be bad, I prepared for the worst.. it was worse than I imagined. Not only was it altered DRAMATICALLY from the original.. the directing and acting was terrible (did anyone notice there was close to no soundtrack??) . There was really lack of effort to make the characters look and behave like the characters should. Come on.. our main character Light.. LOOKS DUMB! He’s suppose to be intelligent and good looking… I don’t see any of that in him. I’m serious.. how can anyone think he is anything else but an immature idiot?!
One good thing about the movie is Ryuk (he looks very scary) but that’s how he looks… downside is, he is a little out-of-character. What happened to his famous line.. “juicy”? XD I was disappointed about that.


Did anyone else notice the REALLY obvious stuff up they made? I can’t believe the director didn’t do a retake ^^;; One of the actors was about to speak their line (however, it wasn’t his turn) so we see him open his mouth, about to speak and then realises it’s not his turn yet, suddenly shuts up and then does it when he’s suppose to. lol. Apart from all the other obvious stuff that happens that MAKE NO SENSE, why is the whole investigation team looking at Yagami’s camera when they said a minute ago that only two of them were going to watch them…?


I must say..L doesn’t really look that great in the Live Action, BUT at least hes still better than Light. What happened to his spiky hair? And oh.. he eats chocolate some time in the film too..(couldnt find that part again to make a screen shot) but.. L doesn’t eat chocolate! Don’t copy Mello.


Then we have…Misa. She doesn’t play much of a role in the first movie but made a few appearances. I’m glad she still looks cute- though she’s suppose to be..blonde..


Here’s good old Watari..hehe I like him and he resembles the anime- though again, he appears at the wrong places o_o I thought he was top secret and no one knew his identity..except he doesn’t have anything covering his face. How bold of you, Watari!


The rest of the cast aren’t even worth mentioning cause they just shamed the original characters.

I truly hope that the Death Note Movie 2 will be better… cause this was painful to watch.

4 Responses to “the horror of Death Note Movie 1”

  1. M12 says:

    A good review =). Stuff this I’m not watching the live action, then. Don’t have time for crap.

  2. Emily says:

    Yeah I watched the movie too, and like you, didn’t really like it much, which is why I didn’t try to watch the second one. Apparently though, Light gets better for the second movie or something. But yeah, I didn’t dare hehehe…

  3. Chibi says:

    ehehe..really? I’ll probably watch it sometime today or tomorrow and write a review on it^^; *fingers crossed*

  4. kaz says:

    ok..maybe i really shouldn’t watch the live action movie…LOL omg..that’s LIGHT? 0___0???